Little Surprises

I love when you load your pictures on the computer and you find little surprises that you didn’t see when taking the picture. Don’t the clouds totally look they are coming out of that water tower? (Would have been really cool had they looked like they were coming out of the smoke stack.) And theContinue reading “Little Surprises”


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

FullRocky Road ice cream full of marshmallows DonutWe don’t eat donuts around here. But I was okay with picking one up from Dunkin Donuts to photograph it BugI really wanted to take a picture of a VW Bug, but couldn’t find a parked one. This almost clear fly was in the garden (Sitting) In theContinue reading “Scavenger Hunt Sunday”

Favorite Photo of 2011

It was really hard for me to choose my favorite photo for the whole year. Yet, I kept going back to this one. Back in April I went to Kentucky to see a friend I had not seen in years. A friend I had romanticized was my soul mate for many years (I learned weContinue reading “Favorite Photo of 2011”

Northern Kentucky

I have been a little out of commission lately. I haven’t much felt like taking pictures which has really bothered me. I have been working a lot more lately too and need to learn how to balance that with time with my son and still taking pictures. I also went to (Northern) Kentucky last weekend.Continue reading “Northern Kentucky”