Week 17 Rewind

Day 113: Mr B was working for Papa, to pay him back. Long story on the reason why but I fear for the teenage years already. Day 114: The yucca are in bloom. The flowers are pretty cool looking. Day 115: It was Space Derby day. Had to build a rocket. Mr B sat on his in the car and broke a wing. I was too upset to be able to help him, Nana had to glue it back on. Day 116: Another drive through Corrales, I love that road. This side gate was just so enchanting. Day 117: Part of my work shirts, most of which I don’t wear right now because I find that I need shirts that don’t scoop and won’t snag because I lift and bend and heave boxes all day. Day 118: Mr B and Papa playing a little basketball. Day 119: Mr B has decided he likes the Kellogs fruities that are shaped like characters. These were Mario. They were playing. (As always, all photos are full size at my flickr account. There is a button at the bottom of my blog.)


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