Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

A few months ago my son and I rode the local trolley. Though it is designed to be for tourists, I thought it would be cool to see some of Albuquerque I might not have seen. One of the places we went was the neighborhood where a lot of movies are filmed. Movies that don’t say they are in New Mexico, but places like Seattle and California. So yesterday I decided I wanted to work on my wheels and entries sets and that neighborhood would be a great place to go. As we were on our way there we passed Tingley Beach. A series of ponds created in the 30s for swimming. Now they are primarily for fishing. No swimming allowed. But they now sport Pedal (I always thought it was paddle) Boating. Mr B and I took a ride. Tough work, pedal boating. I found all of this week’s prompts at the beach and in the neighborhood I went driving through, just like they did in the movie Wild Hogs.


WhitewhiteIsn’t it fun? Just parked in a driveway waiting for me to take the picture. The mouth was there, my watermark just makes a perfect “nose”.


PlayplayWe didn’t ride on that one. We went on the one like the next photo, with a cover on it. It was pretty warm out.

SparklesparklyThe pedal boats were glittery but since you can’t tell I chose this for the way the sun sparkles on the water.

I had in my head that play was patriotic so I think it fitting this weekend to add that one anyway.patriotic


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14 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

    1. Thank you Bri. And my first real comment in forever. =-) I swear those bots. Good thing WordPress has such good spam control.


  1. I really like your blue pic and the one with all the pedal boats (I always called them paddle boats also).

    btw, I am from Albuquerque, went to high school their and got my degree at UNM.


    1. I kept getting all upset when another car would come up behind me driving around this neighborhood. Couldn’t they see I was cruising for photos? LOL. I need a scooter. Thank you Karen.


  2. Awesome shots – I always remember Albuquerque from Breaking Bad!
    The blue on that gate is so nice and bright – my favourite is Sparkle 😀


    1. Thank you Fay. I was actually in the neighborhood where Jesse from Breaking Bad was seen as living. I posted that house a few months back with my trolley ride pics.


      1. I just checked out your Trolley ride pics all of which are awesome! I need to dust my camera off a little more – I have been carrying it with me everywhere lately and took a few snaps last week – time to download!


  3. oh my… I love all your photos! but, as happened with others checking out your SHS, I’m sure they had a “chuckle” seeing that big WHITE bus with a smile.


  4. Love the face on the trailer. Camping is a happy experience and that face just shares the joy. I really like the simplicity of that blue gate as well. Very nicely captured.


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