The Two Year Progress: Or Lack Thereof

Two years ago I bought this house. A house that a lot more work was put into than initially anticipated. In fact, I still haven’t shared every completed room in the house. Because not every room is completed. So now that I am at the two year mark, I decided it’s time to break downContinue reading “The Two Year Progress: Or Lack Thereof”

Weekend Distractions No. 8

I love looking at color palettes. I really love Design Seeds. Can spend hours looking at these color combinations, looking for inspiration. You can choose by color, by collection… Design Seeds In Color Palettes you can search by warm, cool, pastel or contrasting palettes… Color Palettes Gold on the Ceiling gave color inspiration on aContinue reading “Weekend Distractions No. 8”

Industrial Bed Inspiration

I really love the Brooklyn bed from the new Target Industrial line. Swoon. Because I am putting so much money into my house, I can’t afford $500 on a bed. Plus I might not really like all that metal after a while. I have been scouring Pinterest for a way to recreate this look withContinue reading “Industrial Bed Inspiration”

Inspiration and Tricks

I decided that I would go a different route today. And share with you other blogs where I have gotten inspiration, tips and tricks, or just plum like their photography. Some of these are how I started out taking more pictures or really started blogging. Whatever their calling to me was (or is), I wantedContinue reading “Inspiration and Tricks”