31 Days of DIYing

This is the 3rd year I am participating and I am not sure if I do it for the right reasons. To make myself do something out of my comfort zone, and post more on the blog for one. As the title of my blog says…I change my mind a lot. I Started off blogging about crafting. Then spent many years on photography. Lately, it has been more all around DIY. So for sure a DIY life. This month I am focusing on renewing things. Redoing. Recycling. Upcycling. Reclaiming. Whatever the word, the point is the same. Done with my own two hands.

For example, the before and after of this laundry closet. It is amazing what you can do with paint and free cabinets.laundry room

Sometimes when you are at the thrift store, you can’t just pass up the ugly stuff. For some reason I had had this really weird looking, Gothic candelabra. I am not sure what I thought I was going to do with it. But then I got a vision that I could take it apart and use its candle holders for a spooky fence. My mom had had this fencing up against her dryer vent outside that my son had sort of painted when he was 2. It was never finished, so I swiped it and spray painted it black. I now put this out the week of Halloween every year. I had to change the spider a few years ago because the DIY one didn’t hold up.

I have also recycled, reclaimed and upcycled items for my gallery wall. You just have to look outside the box. The arrow is on a piece of baseboard where I only used tape to stencil off the arrow before I painted the board. The love you more sign is leftover pieces of shiplap boards from the back of my island. Not shown is this picture are a few bicycle gears that I spray painted to round off the rectangle of objects.

gallery wall5

It's a DIY life with upcycling, recycling, reclaiming, redoing...

October 1 Recycling Fence Planks

October 2 Ain’t No Boring Mailbox

October 3 407: The Renovating 2 Years Later

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October 5 Resizing a Kitchen

October 6 Renovating 407: The Hall Bath

October 7 A Patriotic Scrap Wreath

October 8 Refreshing a Little Wood Stool

I am having a hard time this year. I am so exhausted after work every day that I haven’t been even getting on the computer. Following are a few older posts on my theme.

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October 14 Renovation of 407: The Kitchen Island

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October 18 Re-purposed laundry baskets

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October 23

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October 27

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October 29

October 30

October 31





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