Renovating 407: The Hall Bath

05 29 15_2225

Maybe I wouldn’t be so loathsome of wallpaper if it hadn’t been on every wall in 4 rooms. 7 different wallpapers. This is the hall bathroom. In great shape. Beautiful porcelain tub. But bathes do not stay warm in it. Great marble sink. But the vanity is plastic. The tiles are also in great shape. The toilet leaks somewhere around the base. No one noticed this in the inspections. That is carpet on the floor. (Luckily, the ceilings aren’t popcorn.)

06 13 15_2197

Removed the toilet. Removed the mirror. Removed the light fixture. Removed the wallpaper. Removed the tile baseboards. Removed the carpet and padding (I also had to remove a large amount of this tar like substance from the front of the tub that was left behind by the plastic strip that protected the edge of the carpet). Painted the walls and then put down this beautiful wood looking tile. Installed a new farmhouse style light. Installed a new toilet (this was done by a plumber). Put in a new vanity. (Still need to put up a back splash.) Hung a new/oval mirror.

07 06 15_2169

Put in a curved shower curtain rod and hung up an old curtain I had but left the window bare (you can’t see through it). Painted the door and hung it back up with silver hinges and a new solver doorknob. Put in new baseboards, wider than in the rest of the house to try to cover up all the way to where the old tiles were.

07 01 15_2176

I also made towel hooks with plumbing parts.

08 03 15_2125

Products used in this room:

  • Paint for ceiling, door trim, door and baseboards: Behr Premium Plus, semi-gloss, in Solid Opal
  • Wall paint: Behr Premium Plus Ultra, semi-gloss, in Serene Journey (it’s a lot like Sea Glass)
  • Tile, toilet, light and vanity are from Home Depot
  • Mirror is from Lowe’s

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