The Restoration of 407: Master Bedroom


The carpet wasn’t as clean as it looked when I put an offer on the house. Or the walls for that matter. As I said before, the 70s had to go. I knew I wasn’t going to live with this golden harvest carpet forever, but it came up a lot sooner than was planned.

Removed the drapery, blinds and hardware. Scraped the popcorn ceiling and removed the carpet, carpet padding, and the tacks.

Caulked every edge, around every door and window and the ceiling. Painted the ceiling. Added a fan, with a light. Patched holes. Painted the walls. I thought I had picked out a greyer paint, but on these walls it looks more blue. Painted the closest, added shelves and different clothes poles. Painted all the doors and trim and window sill. Actually painted every inch of the room (including the vent covers) except the floor. Replaced electric outlets and light switches and removed the phone jack. Removed all evidence of having carpet, then had to patch holes for new carpet. Had new carpet installed. Cut some conduit and installed a curtain rod. Hung up new blinds and drapes. Hung doors with new silver hardware. I hate gold or brass hardware. I also removed the door into the bathroom because when open it was right on top of the vanity and blocking the bathroom window, which is the only air flow in the bathroom.

When my mom built the shelves in the closet, my biggest requirement was that my shoe organizer fit right under them. And of course they had to be accessible from an open door, so not right in the middle. I really want to replace that chair with a wicker one. I am also working on lightening up that furniture and getting rid of the four-poster bed. It’s too big for this space.


If I were to ever add another adult to this house with me, this room would have to be slightly enlarged. As long as he had a little money too, we could turn the bathroom into a walk in closet and then have a bathroom and a little more space added on. But for just me, it is a perfect sized room, bathroom and closet.


Products used in this room:

  • Ceiling and closet paint: Behr Premium Plus, flat, in Solid Opal
  • Wall paint: Behr Premium Plus Ultra, satin, in Offshore Mist
  • Door trim, doors, window sill and baseboard paint: Behr Premium Plus, satin, in Solid Opal
  • Carpet: from Home Depot (I will eventually find the color)
  • Ceiling fan: Hunter Louden from Lowe’s
  • 3/4 inch conduit piping for the drape rod, which I attached to the wall like this: Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 7.17.38 AMAll of these pieces are found in the plumbing aisle except the all thread, which you have to get a long piece of and cut down to size.



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