Re-imagining a Piece of Fence into a Spooky Gate

A mostly DIY Halloween exterior.

spooky gate 3

When my parents built a fence to have a garden area where the dogs couldn’t get in, my mom left a section aside to hide the fireplace vent on the outside of the house. She then let my 2-year-old son paint the fencing. One day they were out of town. And I had this hideous, gothic candelabra like light fixture I had picked up at a thrift store after seeing some other project I wanted to try and duplicate. Or something. I took the thing apart and got a lightbulb in my brain. The ants go marking type of thing. A creative mind never sleeps.

I painted the fencing black. Then painted the candelabra pieces a dark purple. I strategically screwed the pieces onto the fence. Added some of the chain from the light fixture. And made a ‘beware’ sign I then attached. I decided it also needed a spider and back then made one out of a Styrofoam ball and pipe cleaners. But it had to be replaced a few years ago. It’s got an orange bat now. I actually thought I did a post on this when I was still over at Blogger but I guess it didn’t make the transfer over to WordPress.

spooky gate

I turn those lights on on Halloween night. I also added a nose to the black cat last year and can’t decide if she needs paws or not.


Yesterday I also threw together a witch with black mesh and a tomato cage. I think I will attach the mesh better later but for now she works. And lights up. (The rug is losing it’s paint so I was thinking of painting it black for Halloween.)



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