A Patriotic Scrap Wreath

I don’t normally like the bohemian look. But I was sitting there one day thinking about something that made my brain wonder to this idea for a patriotic wreath. My mind drifts a lot. Sometimes it keeps me awake. Since I don’t have a chance to sleep 8 hours a night anyway, this can be rough.

I had a pair of jeans I had thrown in the fabric pile, so I started cutting them up, concentrating on getting the pocket off in one piece big enough to cover the wreath form I had. I searched trough all my ribbons and grabbed all the white and red ones. I also had this off-white fabric that I ripped a few strips from. And went to work.

I stapled the fabric around the back of the wreath and then tied all the ribbons on to the bottom half. Then I found the USA at Hobby Lobby while checking out and decided to glue that on there and added the flowers to act as the stars.

I must have deleted this picture after I uploaded it to Instagram and it won’t let me crop it on here so I at least know people can’t take you pictures, on their computers at least.


Published by Lili

Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

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