Renovating 407: The Laundry Closet

The washer and dryer fit in a nook in the hallway. The other side of the nook is the master bathroom. This closet even had plastic accordion doors (and came with the washer and dryer).

05 29 15_2222

The washer and dryer came out (and sold). Leaky water line everywhere. Which included a fun story about having to turn off the main waterline to the whole house and stopped us being able to work on the tiling that day. I got really lucky that the plumber that came for the leaky hot water heater (for the shotty work done after the inspection) put a new valve on here for me. A valve that was supposedly changed after the inspection, but it was stripped.

06 13 15_2196

Once this fiasco was fixed and cleaned up, the shelves came down, the doors and slider for it came down and everything was patched. Then the linoleum was scraped up and vacuumed and I then painted the walls in there the same color from the bathrooms. Then my parents tiled in there, making tile baseboards as well.

06 21 15_2185

My brother came over and hung up the upper cabinets he had scored for me from his work. Aren’t those baseboards lovely?

06 29 15_2178

All that was left to do was put in my LG washer and dryer. (We left the outlet and the light switch in this space alone because I thought they wouldn’t be seen.)


I love this light so much. Here is what the hallway and laundry closet look like today. I like to put frames over eyesores so that they look more stylish.


I also decided to do something with all the empty frames I had gotten from Michael’s years ago for some project I was going to make in bulk and sale. I stained the frames. Printed out some pictures on cardstock and glued them inside.


I think I need a shelf over the washer and maybe a rod in the space between the wall and the cabinet. I really want to put barn doors over the opening but they would have to both slide to the left and not sure that is even enough room. (See picture of light above, that is how big the space is for them to slide.)


The before and after side by side. Much more modern.


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