Ain’t no Boring Mailbox

I’m sitting here at soccer practice, so I am going to steal from a Facebook post showing the mailbox I DIYed…

Adventures in renovating: somewhere past week 55⏩ I saw this blog post about their pool progress, week 16. And I thought, it’s June and they aren’t finished after 16 weeks. That’s crazy. It’s pool season.

Even though I had made lists for what needs to be done in each room to make them completed rooms, no work got done inside last week. Mr B may just get a puppy for Christmas because this fence is going to be finished soon. And this isn’t panels either. We set the posts. My dad added the 2x4s and I screwed in the cedar planks. I decided a gate was needed on that side too. I also cleaned up some of the yard where the evergreen is gone. No easy feat there either. Of course it’d help if the yucca was gone. We got 7 old tree trunks dug up (my dad did 2 of them just for the fence) and Brendan and I got the shed cleaned out. I can finally use it. Well, after I seal any gaps between the top and sides so it will stay cleaner and rodent free. I also got my mailbox “built”.

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