Favorite Photo of 2011

2011 fave

It was really hard for me to choose my favorite photo for the whole year. Yet, I kept going back to this one. Back in April I went to Kentucky to see a friend I had not seen in years. A friend I had romanticized was my soul mate for many years (I learned we really aren’t). The trip was really to see if we liked each other beyond friends. He didn’t. I know now that it was probably a good thing. I did fall in love with the green every where in Kentucky. It was beautiful. I was rather surprised the river was so brown, but it was bursting and overflowing from all the rain (I hate mosquitos). I wish there were no cars in this picture but I love all the color. All the lines of the fence, the bridge, the lamp poles and the one big tree. The texture of the clouds and the starkness of the green everywhere. We were standing on the Kentucky side of the river, right on the other side is Cincinnati, Ohio.

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3 thoughts on “Favorite Photo of 2011

  1. love the kentucky pic.. and the son pic’s… I hear you about a trip … to see if your really soul mates and turns out your not…
    hard thing to deal with but very catartic..


  2. Sometimes we have to let go of a dream (or a fantasy?) in order to be open to the reality that’s perfect for us. I hope the new year will bring that to you.
    I love the stormy sky and all the green and wetness in this photo. The river behind my apartment turns brown when there’s a lot of rain, too.


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