The Road

Definition of reflection (n) Bing Dictionary re·flec·tion [ ri flékshən ] reflected image: the image of somebody or something that appears in a mirror or other reflecting surface act of reflecting something: the process or act of reflecting something, especially light, sound, or heat careful thought: careful thought, especially the process of reconsidering previous actions,Continue reading “The Road”


Softness of Granny Smith Apple

This picture came in perfect for so many challenges. Over at Beyond Layers we were to play around with framing photos. In this one I used Kim’s Taped Edge. Her theme for today’s Texture Tuesday is Soft. I think the softness of this flower (and the bokeh in the bachground) is gorgeous. I also needContinue reading “Softness of Granny Smith Apple”

More Holiday Cheer

Less is More Less sun means more color   Holiday Lights Of course I had to go driving down my favorite street to check out Christmas lights. This particular house has white lights on ALL their trees. Even though I wasn’t really happy with the pictures not coming out clear, the shutter slowed itself wayContinue reading “More Holiday Cheer”