Weekend Distractions No. 12

These cookies Of course the dough looks so good I would want to eat all of it so I better not make them. (Click picture for the original source.) This entryway It’s so simple and lovely. I even love how the light switches blend into the wall. I makes me (again) wish I had anContinue reading “Weekend Distractions No. 12”


Weekend Distractions No. 11

A HUGE distraction was the length of time it took to download and reinstall the operating system on my computer this yesterday. Unfortunately, it made the Photoshop Organizer 14 also inoperable. Sheesh. Now I have to reinstall all of it. 15 is out now. But it is $99 for the upgrade. It’s never been thatContinue reading “Weekend Distractions No. 11”

Day 30: Almost a Fail and an Eyeball Cake

There was this cake I had saved in Halloween ideas on Pinterest. When my parents decided to host the end of season soccer party on Halloween I knew I was going to make that cake. Well, at least decorate like that cake. Check out the inspiration cake here. So on Thursday I got to makingContinue reading “Day 30: Almost a Fail and an Eyeball Cake”

Blissful Sweetness

Have you ever eaten Biscoff cookies? They serve them on Delta flights. We used to serve them at ATA too but I never really knew what they were. I had never heard that they were cookies you could buy or that they now made a spread. Not until I came across a recipe on PinterestContinue reading “Blissful Sweetness”

A track meet and Easter Egg Salad

This school year (4th grade) my son has played soccer in the fall and spring, basketball in the winter and now is in track. Last week was a yucky first track meet day. Cold. Windy. Tried to snow but was too windy. Snowed on the mountains as you can see above. A rather unorganized schoolContinue reading “A track meet and Easter Egg Salad”