A track meet and Easter Egg Salad

april snow

This school year (4th grade) my son has played soccer in the fall and spring, basketball in the winter and now is in track. Last week was a yucky first track meet day. Cold. Windy. Tried to snow but was too windy. Snowed on the mountains as you can see above. A rather unorganized school hosting. Cold. Windy. Poor kids and their tiny uniforms when they had to take their layers off.

My son is working on the long jump and the mini javelin as well as running. I never knew there as a mini javelin. It looks like a huge plastic dart.mini jave

That’s all my little man wore all day even though I was still freezing with gloves, ear muffs, a hoodie and a jacket and a blanket wrapped around my legs.

long jumpBoy, is he getting tall. Those long skinny legs. He is 10. But because his birthday is 2003, he falls in the 11-12 year old bracket and competes against boys that have been in that bracket for 2 years already. He started practicing with spiked shoes this week and I hope to see a big improvement tomorrow. Especially in the weather and temperature.

On another note. The other day I wanted to do something with my Easter eggs instead of just eat them with salt. I had never had Egg Salad so looked it up.

easter egg salad

In my Ninja, I used:

2 hard boiled eggs

1/2 ripe avocado

salt and pepper to taste

good squirt of Jalapeno Mustard

I only had pretzel rolls and no lettuce so I put dill pickle thins on the roll and topped it with the egg salad. It was really good but next time I will put it on Whole Wheat bread, try lettuce and make sure I don’t over chop in the Ninja when I have to go back and add the mustard.

easter egg salad sandwich


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