Weekend Distractions No. 11

A HUGE distraction was the length of time it took to download and reinstall the operating system on my computer this yesterday. Unfortunately, it made the Photoshop Organizer 14 also inoperable. Sheesh. Now I have to reinstall all of it. 15 is out now. But it is $99 for the upgrade. It’s never been thatContinue reading “Weekend Distractions No. 11”

Weekend Distractions No. 10

In keeping with some of my ramblings, I will stick with my weekend distractions every weekend. I usually just do them on Saturdays. Before I go there, Pinterest why? Why do I follow people whose posts I want to see when all I get are “Picked for…”? I want to see the people I follow,Continue reading “Weekend Distractions No. 10”