Adventures in Renovating

I have been posting the progress of renovating my house every day on Facebook. It’s easier that way. But I thought I should share some of what’s been going on over here. I am waiting for a completely finished room to share before and afters.

Almost every piece of wallpaper has been removed (there are pieces in the kitchen that are stuck under the cabinets and I can’t get them). So far I have painted every inch of the bedroom side of the house, except inside the hot water heater and furnace closets. Ceilings (dad helped), closets, walls, trim, door frames, and doors have all been painted. Oh what a difference it makes. Even the air vents have been painted, re-insulated and hung back up.

Every outlet has been swapped out from dirty, gross almond colored to white. Every hinge and door knob has been switched out from dirty, gross once was gold to brushed nickle. I am starting to love my house.

Every inch of carpet has been removed, as well as the linoleum squares that were hiding under the carpet. New carpet has been installed in the bedrooms, and tile has been laid up to the hallway to the front door. The carpet and tile I chose come together perfectly.

Screenshot 2017-10-14 10.48.45

I love that light.

This week is finishing touches in the bedrooms and bathrooms so we can move in. I will make sure I take pictures tomorrow and share room by room what’s been done. It’s been a ride I tell you.


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