Renovating 407: The Master Bath

The 70s were a good decade. I mean my parents were married. I was born. My brother was born. But that decade is long gone and needed to be long gone out of my house too.

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This bathroom is on the smaller side, it’s not an en suite type of bathroom. It works for me though. So originally, it had this fabric backed wallpaper, a plastic vanity (but with real marble counter/sink), the mirror with the medicine cabinet and original (heavy) doors on the shower. There were handicap handles all over the room as well and that slightly Gothic looking light.





I removed the wallpaper and any handle anywhere. Fixed and patched and painted. Replaced the light, mirror, vanity and toilet. I also decided to take down the heavy doors on the shower and only use a shower curtain, but some tiles were loose and I ended up finding termite damage. About a year or so later, I finally got around to removing all the tile, which ended up pulling the backerboard down with it. Eventually, I removed all the tile and cement from the pan. All of this mess was covered by a shower curtain for almost 2 years.

My original plumber didn’t want to do the work. Couldn’t get the next one to show up for the estimate. The one that finally came and ran the new plumbing, wouldn’t show back up to finish the work or send his tile guy. This summer, I finally found a tile guy that would do the work. So after the plumber had come and ran a new line, and fixed the old line, I cut the ceiling open over the shower and we put up the new backboard (after replacing rotted and damaged wood). Because the ceiling was going to be 2 different textures, I decided to cover the whole thing with beadboard.

(That’s my wonderful brother.) I also added a chair rail for the towel hooks and painted the bathroom again. I love my bathroom now.


The tile guy even did a backsplash on the sinks for me.


Here is a before and after.

05 29 15_2228Photo Nov 22, 10 51 05 AM

I also finally got a barn door made and hung up from the bedroom to the bathroom.Photo Nov 22, 10 52 27 AM


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