Weekend Distractions No. 6

It annoys me so much that Pinterest started sharing pins titled Picked for You. I don’t want to see these. I don’t care what they think I want to see. It takes away from the pins I want to see from boards that I followed on purpose. Add to those picked for yous, and the promoted ones, I don’t see much of anything else. Today it was millions of puppy pictures. I don’t need to see those. I have puppy envy as it is. Not time yet though, gotta finish the fence.

I am still on the fence on what colors to paint my bedroom furniture and the bed my brother gave me. I don’t want to order Annie Sloan paint and then not really care for the color and my Home Depots no longer carry the Americana brand. Someone mentioned they didn’t like the Rustoleum brand chalk paint. So I am seriously thinking of buying some plaster of paris and making my own. I am pretty sure I want to go with a grey color. Maybe I will be different with the night stand and go with an aqua shade. Maybe. So I saw these paint tips today and LOVE #3, #4 and #6. (Click on picture for link.)7PaintFinishesYouHavetoTry

Being as I have never seen a can of Amy Howard paint to know what she is talking about color wise in the instructions, #3 seems to be the only one I could really try. I am talking drawer fronts here. (Also looking for color inspiration for my faux beams in the kitchen.)

The other day I also saved a picture of a stain mix from Ella Claire Inspired. Kristen called it Warm Weathered Gray. It was 80% Classic Gray from Minwax and 20% Jacobean from Minwax. It’s the color on the tabletop. That just may be my faux beam and open shelves color for my kitchen. Yep yep.


OMG. These look so yummy. I can feel myself gaining weight looking at them. I don’t do well baking cookies (anything but) but I might have to try my hand at these.


I not only love how this was painted, but I really love how Amanda staged the table for the picture too.img_2731


Enough distractions for today. I need to get to work. Happy Labor Day Weekend all. I don’t have a 3 day weekend, I work on Monday. But hopefully I’ll have a slow day and go home early.


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