Salt and Sugar

I washed dishes 3 times this afternoon/evening. I hate washing dishes. It makes my dry hands worse. Maybe I should start wearing gloves.
I decided to make 2 new recipes. Used to when I cooked or baked I would follow a recipe to a T. Never deviated. I guess I have evolved because I might add my own twist or change T to t.

Washed old dishes.
First I made the wheat and oat muffins. My mom only had Captains Oats so I used those instead of Old Fashioned. I don’t know the difference. I also added chopped pecans. And used light brown sugar instead of dark and didn’t have any oats for the streusel. I used more chopped pecans then too. They were pretty good. I’m taking them to work tomorrow for a birthday but I had to taste one first.

Washed dishes.

Then I made the chicken lasagna soup. Which came out okay. Maybe a little rich for my taste. And I made a full pot. I need someone to help me eat it. My boy didn’t like it.

Washed dishes.

Made my bed. Folded clothes. Somewhere in there ended up with a headache. Stupid headaches.

Go to bed early (not early for me when I get up at 3). Get up at 3:17 and do it all again. I don’t know how people work two jobs. This 6 hour sleep nights already isn’t enough for me.


My Sweet Geni

My little sweetie has lived with us for a month now. And that first vet was oh so wrong. She is still a little skittish at certain times but she doesn’t really run and hide from much anymore.

You can tell she knows she is loved and loves her people a lot too.

Geni loves my backyard. lol. There is a big strip of dirt in the right corner. Basically the full right side and most of the back. Not sure what the other owners did with that part. I need to put pavers in the corner and maybe grass the rest. Or gravel. She runs trying to play with the dog behind which makes it bark and get in trouble. But she doesn’t bark back. She loves to dig too. Yuck. She just might get herself into the side neighbor’s yard soon if I don’t do something over there.

Little miss also loves to go over to my parents. She no longer cowers from my dad. Loves him too. She especially loves when my brother’s 6 month old Great Dane is there. Lift is a really big puppy. They play and play and play. Lift puts Geni’s whole head in her mouth.  It Geni can run circles around Lift and it gives them lots of exercise.

Best of all, she goes to bed with me every night (early) and will sleep no where but with me.


Questions I’ve Always Wanted to Ask

5 minute free for all…

Why would you want a pet skunk (descented it says)? Or to even pay $800 for it. 

Can any animal be house trained? Like pet pigs. Do they go to the bathroom only outside and do their owners actually clean up after them just like we do dogs? 

On that note, people that don’t clean up after their dogs, where do they think the poop goes? 

And what’s up with this fascination with the poop emoji? Why would you want to decorate with it and make cupcakes look like it? It’s a pile of poop people. 

What happened to self respect? I was walking behind a woman at work today that was wearing tights and a short shirt. I think it is disgusting enough to be able to notice that women aren’t wearing panties or what color or style they are because their tights are see through. But how do you not notice the hole in the butt when you put them on? The other day…this woman either spilled bleach all over the bottom of her tights or she had splattered poop on them. Come on women. How do you not notice that? Don’t even get me started on the wearing of white tank tops with no bras. (I’m a very observant person. Sometimes to a fault. I see all of these things. Falling down pants and bending over butt crack makes me want to throw up.) 

Sorry. I had to. 

These people down the street don’t have a fence up around any of their yard. They keep the front looking really nice but don’t touch it from the side yard around. Even the closed in porch back there looks like it’s about to fall down. They put out tons of blow ups every holiday. So why have they let more than half of their yard turn to sticker weeds? The kind that will put goat heads everywhere. Every bike that rides by will get a flat. Every dog will get them I their paw. Their blow ups are going to get pricked. It looks like they are growing grass but it’s a sticker factory instead. 

What to do With Leftover Wood


Remember the project I shared here? That I was so giddy about a piece of wood I had outside on the carport.

I think it needs something on the “paw” area. But here she is. Just shy of the bottom of the window. Tall girl.

First I gave the piece of wood a good sanding. Then I painted it black. Both sides. Just one coat each side. The sample Glidden paint went on much smoother than a small jar of craft paint. Then I distressed the front side. Stapled on a piece of burlap I removed from something last year and tied on some pretty ribbons on top of that. (I found the ribbons in the vintage section at Michaels). I made the eyes with the outer circles of a ribbon roll. Painted them with white chalk paint and painted over that with Mod Podge Sparkle. Then I found some little wood disks that I painted black and glued those to the white disks. And glued the eyes on the big board.

I had read reviews from someone on the Elmer’s glue gun awhile back and had waitied for months for my Michaels to carry them. Let me tell you. It is the best glue gun I have ever used. No stringy glue. And I forgot it on half the night and it didn’t leave a puddle of glue on the cardboard. (Freaked me out when I woke up remembering I plugged it in).

I also put together this pumpkin with 4 pieces of 2×4. Basically cut at 6inches and 5inches. After cutting the pieces, I sanded those down and then painted every side of the boards, not knowing how I wanted to glue them together. I glued the pieces together with wood glue and clamped them together over night. Then I distressed the more rugged side. I decided the wood knots made it look more like a rustic pumpkin.

The other day at work, they pulled all the bins of pumpkins from the front door area. There were several stems laying on the ground after but only one that didn’t get run over with the fork lift. It got wrapped up and put in my lunch bag. I glued it on top of my 2×4 pumpkin and then tied the ribbon on.

I am still trying to figure out how to cut out the ears for the 2×4 cats.


A Lili Sound Off

Can I bitch a little today and not harm myself? This is really what my talking to myself is like.

Okay, North Carolina is getting pounded and flooding? I kind of saw that coming when everyone that evacuated Florida and South Carolina went north. Does no one remember Hurricane Katrina and the flooding of New Orleans, where no one thought it could get flooded? If we are to flee the coast of a coming hurricane, why wouldn’t we go inland? I am from New Mexico where flash floods are common because it is so dry here but that water doesn’t usually last longer than a few hours (gone the next day tops). So maybe I don’t know. Kind of like, why would you chance it and drive into the water?

Is driving into the water a thought that you can make it? It won’t be that deep? My house is right there? Kind of like thinking you can beat the train and go through the closed track crossing and then kill your girlfriend because you didn’t beat the train.

Everyone is complaining about Trump and Clinton. Saying they don’t want to vote. BUT. There are other candidates. The media is just not telling you about them.

Just like the media is only telling you parts of the story when they say another cop shot another unarmed man. They don’t ever tell us the story of what happened to make the cops be after that man in the first place. Two cops are on trial here for shooting and killing a homeless man. The man wasn’t unarmed. They say they were defending the canine cop. I don’t really know the whole story and haven’t been watching the trial news either. The whole thing was kind of overshadowed with the killing of a cop by another cop. Yes, there are some bad cops out there but not as a whole. And there are a lot more bad citizens out there. Getting away with the bad. Over and over. But the media makes everything look like it happened for other reasons.

What is the purpose of the rioting? What does it prove to burn down businesses? This one really boggles my mind. EVERYONE needs to learn to be kinder to one another. No matter what color each others skin is.


Weekend Distractions No. 11

A HUGE distraction was the length of time it took to download and reinstall the operating system on my computer this yesterday. Unfortunately, it made the Photoshop Organizer 14 also inoperable. Sheesh. Now I have to reinstall all of it. 15 is out now. But it is $99 for the upgrade. It’s never been that expensive before. Ouch.

At soccer yesterday, the game before us got called for lightening. While we sat in our cars waiting out the lightening, it started to rain. They ended up playing a 30 minute shortened game and it rained the whole time. I never got back into the swing of things after that.I had been leaning forward in my chair to keep my legs dryer and rain was dripping down my umbrella on my back for 20 minutes before I felt it. I guess I wasn’t that cold yet. What gets me, no one went to tell our team to get off the field. I went down and told them and the coach didn’t believe me. Why would I lie about that? Seriously!

img_7486I wish I had all the ingredients because I want to make these muffins right now. (Click picture to take you to the recipe.)

one-pot-white-chicken-lasagna-soup-11I NEED to make this. I just hope my picky son will try it.

6366098715d180150c8da67fa8eed1804356aa3fMy son decided he likes those Ramen instant cups (must have tried a friend’s) but I don’t really want to buy them because they have so much sodium and what not. I am hoping he would like these (with no green of course).

c01e8203d81b84a92904777fe3e59ed7Aren’t these just the cutest? They were shared by Smart Schoolhouse but the original source was unknown.



Digital Scrapbooking

I am a few hours late for my 10/7 post. I was even on here yesterday cleaning up the posts I did on my phone. Oops.

I love to scrapbook. It got to be such a hassle though. Last year I started digital scrapbooking. I have lots of layouts and elements I have downloaded so if you see something you would like, let me know. Here are a few I haven’t shared, all with old pictures, but still fun to make.




(I swear he was only holding my Dr Pepper.)

Sometimes I can get really caught up in going through blog trains, that can usually be found monthly. I don’t download everything and then don’t save everything I download. Some shout outs for their freebies and links to freebies:

My computer just prompted to download Sierra, I so hope this solves the problems that I believe El Capitan was causing (Mac names their operating systems with cool names).

Restoration of 407: the Screened in Porch

My Geni can finally get outside by herself.

My parents had to get a bigger doggie door for when my brother’s Great Dane comes over. So I got the old door. They framed it in with 2x4s. I just have to caulk the gaps and finish caulking the porch. Oh, and frame the top back in.

This is the door we put in from the den to the porch some months back. The one that was here originally was a big solid door that wasn’t going to allow for a doggie door. My parents and brother installed the doggie door a few weeks ago.   The wall to the left is where I started covering the stucco with joint compound in attempt to make it a smoother wall and paintable. Eventually the whole porch will be off white. Maybe with a blue grey ceiling.

Then my dad hooked my light up. Haha. There’s been no light out there for months. It’s so cool. I love it. I realize that I should have used the joint compound and paint that part of the wall first. Oh well. That door is going to come out too. And wall in the hole. Now that it’s not too hot to work out here, I need to get a move on and get it all finished before it gets cold.

Here is the big board I had that I am making into a cat. 😁

Next time I’ll have to share with you all my unfinished projects.

Words to Live By

Interestingly, PicMonkey commented on my intro post, telling me they are not charging. And yesterday I got an email from Canva after seeing my post. I was asked to link to their site. No problem. I would even put their button in my sidebar for a little restitution 😄. Just saying.

I am currently reading A Million Pieces by James Frey. I liked this

Live and let live.

Do not judge.

Take it as it comes.

Deal with it.

Everything will be okay.

Good words to let sink in.

Especially after the day I had at work. 6 hours before I got a break. Yesterday I didn’t get lunch until it was time for me to clock out. Technically we are supposed to have a break after every 2 hours. Hahaha. If you haven’t noticed, warehouses are all cement floors. So not only am I on my feet on said cement all day, I am walking back and forth. Pushing and pulling. Lifting and unstacking. I’m getting to old for this stuff. (Enter choice word instead.)

More words to let sink in. And yet another one. I’m being inspired all around on Facebook today.

What words do you like to live by?