Weekend Distractions No. 4

I decided to leave work early on Wednesday. It was warm out, but not as hot as it had been. I think I screwed in 20 pickets on the fence. So on Thursday at work I couldn’t figure out why my legs felt like I had been doing squats, with weights, and finally realized it was from going up and down and up on each picket. I guess there is something a little satisfying from feeling your work. LOL

The farmhouse look is all the craze these days, Fixer Upper really has spread the love of the look. I love the look myself. The more industrial side to it. The rustic and modern mix, yet with a clean and crisp side to it as well. I also love that it is easy to turn what you already have into farmhouse style.

I’m so in love with this mudroom that I wish I had a mudroom.


I am more of a shower girl, but like to take bathes sometimes. What I really don’t like, is that standard bathtubs are made for short people. There is always a part of you sticking out in the cold and makes it rather less enjoyable. Seeing what Kristi did in her bathroom almost makes me want to get this tub for my bathroom instead of refinishing the shower (and it looks deep enough).


I even love the “gate” hanging on the wall. I could totally go for that in my den over the sofa.

Signs. I have a spot in my kitchen for one and everything I need to make it (once I print out the letters that is), I just can’t decide on Market or Bakery or something else entirely.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.00.02 AM copy

These chairs, actually I love Liz’s whole kitchen. But if anyone knows how to get these chairs really cheap (like at least $50 each), I am all ears.



Weekend Distractions No. 3

I need to come out of hiatus. I need to get out and take pictures again. I need to stop being so tired and achy all the time from my job. I am not complaining, I am meditating. Per say.

Sometimes at night, no matter how tired I am, I can’t fall asleep because I am daydreaming about all the things I would love to be able to do with my house. As much as I would rather the house be on more land, with neighbors not so close, I think I am here in this house for the long haul. My next home, maybe, will be a fixer upper with the more land and less neighbors. Trees, I dream of trees. It’s the simple things.

I am (a little obsessed) distracted with what to do with the furniture in my bedroom, without buying new. And how to hang a barn door over the entry into the bathroom. And what door to hang. I had always loved the darker brown furniture but am finding it is rather gloomy in smaller spaces. So I will be painting what I have. I love the two toned furniture. Here are a few I love

dresser makeover


This is what my room looks like now


This is the bed I inherited from my brotherIMG_1268

And this is the door he gave me. I am thinking I will frost the glass on the bathroom side of it, I might also have to add boards to it to make it wide enough…it will slide like a barn doorIMG_1267

My dilemma now is that I can’t decide how I want to paint the dresser and nightstand. Which color scheme that is. I would then paint the headboard and footboard the same color I use on the base of the other pieces. I would probably also keep the hardware, but paint it another color. As for the color of the door, it depends if I have to add more wood to it, if not then I would leave it be but maybe distress it a little more.

This is me not being able to finish one project these days. Back in late winter my mom and I had told my dad I didn’t want to be working on fence in July. He said we won’t. In the spring the wind started blowing the fence up front over, and then some cops pulled the front front part apart thinking it was a gate (some kid was hiding in my yard). So the fence had to get worked on when I took a week off in early June. Needless to say, here it is August, as hot as July, and the fence has all been taken down and most posts are cemented but I see into the jungle next door, still. I don’t like putting the pickets up by myself because then I get criticized for them not being straight even though I am very OCD about hanging them. Plus, it is just too hot to be working outside.

So I get distracted with things like my screened in porch and how it needs to be made better so we can sit out there when the weather is a bit cooler. That is also a project I can justify working on early in the am when other people aren’t awake yet. I pulled and scraped out all the carpet and padding, now have to figure out how to cover up the old glue spots to paint the whole thing. I have caulked every nook, cranny, crack, ect in half the porch and have gotten the wood lattice pieces to replace the rotted ones outside. But I got away with myself the other day and stated pulling on other rot and left myself with thisIMG_1266_edited-1

I need to bite the bullet and go get a seamless gutter for out here, with only one drain (there is one on the other side too) and add a downspout into the barrel. The wood on the wall gets wet because that’s where most of the rain blows out of the downspout hole. Same way on the other side. I am going to paint the whole thing when I am done fixing rot. Except for the blocks, it can be redone when I ever get the house repainted.

LoL. I am also painting the pantry we built inside. And have a million other projects to work on. Maybe I just need to ask my parents to start planning one weekend a month to come over and help.


A Different Direction

It’s no secret that I design my blog myself. I love digital scrapbooking, so it is a welcome challenge. I also can’t afford to pay someone to do it for me. I have always said that I will if I ever decide to blog for a living.

I have also changed direction a few times, and maybe that makes it hard to gain readership. But it has taken me a while to really share everything that I love. Some things I just don’t like people to know (at first).

I started blogging on Blogger with a crafty theme in mind. Then one day realized I needed a better camera if I was going to take great quality photos of items I wanted to sale on Etsy. So the story of blogging about my pictures began. I started following all the other photo blogs and started following along in challenges and really opened up into photography. Which really took me out of a funk I had been in for years. And also took me away from crafting (for the time being).

I started baking a few years ago. And photographing it. Still photography. I loved it. I always take the extra food to work and they love it too. Then I got into digital scrapbooking when I wasn’t taking as many new pictures. So I was going into a whole other world but still sharing pictures that I had taken, years before even. Then I bought my house and started renovating it. This is where I decided to open up the focus on my blog into my whole DIY life. I have been sharing projects at many other blogs but have not gotten any comments in over a year. Don’t get much traffic at all actually. (I think I have made too many additions in too short of time.)

At some point I moved over to WordPress and started calling myself Sanukipity. I love my made up name, the mix of serendipity and Sanuk. But I have decided that it may appear weird to others without coming to my blog and looking into what it means. Today, I am going back to Lili’s View. This way it encompasses all of me. I can still use Sanukipity in my watermarks on my pictures. I am also trying to make my blog look more simplistic. Draw more focus to the photos I share. Tell me, could the header be less noisy?

I am glad you joined me today. I always love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Have a great day.

signature 2


Saturday Distractions

I have tried to become more focused. I keep thinking I would love to blog full time and stop working my back breaking job. How much I would love that. To work on my little projects all the time. But I have been so tired lately. And distracted. I wasn’t ready to work on my front porch, but Lowe’s had the pavers on sale. Oh, and the wind. Keeps you from wanting to be outside, that’s for sure. In June, I vow to take a week off and finish all the little things in each room so I can start posting my completed renovations.

In the mean time, I thought I would share some of the things I am (crushing on) distracted with lately. Maybe I will make this my weekly Saturday post (clicking on the photo will take you to the rightful blog).

jj-countdown-day6-Numbered_stamped veneer 1I am not really an eclectic person, but this fairy garden is sooo cute. I want to put one together. I need to make a trip to Joann’s Fabric.

Beach Fairy Garden

jj-countdown-day6-Numbered_stamped veneer 2 I adore this storage ladder for the bathroom. I’m itching to make one. I would have to put it behind the toilet though, so it would have to be instead of shelves. Curse you small bathroom.

Love the look of this DIY ladder! Such a great way to add some extra storage! // cleanandscentsible.com

I do like the blanket ladders too. My luck, I would get splinters in the blankets. I would just have to do a better job at sanding than I usually do.

jj-countdown-day6-Numbered_stamped veneer 3Everything about this kitchen. I want to trim out my fridge and put moldings on the soffits, or fur down, now. I love the back splash too. I don’t want to do wood counter tops, as the island top is wood, but I am in love. I have been trying to figure out a way to reface my already refaced cabinets. Not sure how to remove the overlay, they didn’t put it on there good enough to just paint over. And the doors would have to be replaced.

jj-countdown-day6-Numbered_stamped veneer 4These shutters and old windows.

old windows as decor on mantle - Google Search: Fixer Upper: Yours, Mine, Ours and a Home on the River | HGTV's Fixer Upper With Chip and Joanna Gaines | HGTV: The Farmhouse - Farmhouse - Living Room - Other Metro - Magnolia Homes:

I have a set of shutters that I need to figure out how to add a rounded part to the top of. (The last two images were found on Houzz and are from Fixer Upper.)

Upcycled Gallery Wall Art

gallery wall3

My “den” is a long narrow room. It was originally the second half of a 2-car garage. But the other owners once turned it into a den (that looked like the Golden Girls’ lanai). Of course, I made it look even longer when I shiplapped it (before I had any idea what Fixer Upper was and that it was called shiplap). I can’t even put the tv on the wall across from the sofa because it would be too close. So I have it in the corner. The wall next to that is the second longest wall in the room and I decided to turn it into a gallery wall, with my favorite pictures of my son.

gallery wall5

The picture on the far left, with the blue background, was taken at his first day care. I was actually living in Austin at the time, in the management program with the Hyatt. With a different schedule every week, Mr B stayed in New Mexico with my parents. I had come for a visit and visited him at school. I had told my mom about these cute pictures that had been in his locker, asked her if she had seen them. She hadn’t even known he had had a picture day. Hadn’t picked out special clothes or done his hair even. I loved them. She told me she would look into them and later told me it was too late to buy any. They surprised me with it for a birthday present.Sniff sniff!

The baby picture was the one and only professional picture I ever had taken of Mr B. It was his first Christmas, he was 3 months old. My mom shaved his head earlier that week because so much blonde had grown in, there was a perfect line of blonde on top and dark brown on bottom. It was weird. He did so good for these pictures, smiling and laughing. The next year, I took him right before Christmas time again and I couldn’t even get him to sit on the table for them. (He had had a cavity on his front tooth that had to be fixed and the dentist I took him to, a pediatric dentist, had strapped him to a board to take care of the cavity. Claiming that was the only way to do it. I never went back to that dentist again and it took awhile for Mr B to be okay with sitting on any table for any doctor after that.)

The other 3 pictures, I took myself, and are my favorites of all I have taken.

gallery wall

The tv is to the left of this picture and that black thing in the top left corner is the Leaf. One day I will put a frame around it and paint the cable coming off of it the same color as the wall. (I also still need to touch up some paint around the door and the trim.) I have a new favorite spray paint color. It’s Rustoleum’s Metallics in Flat Soft Iron. I went over 3 of the frames with this, and splattered some on the B after using a silver. The gears may be in that color too. Those were just 2 gears from the used bike shop that I spray painted and hung up with Command hooks. I actually have the B hanging upside down, but I liked it better that way.

gallery wall4

Even more than just the gallery wall, I am here today to tell you about the other 2 pieces I DIYed.

When I had done my gallery wall in my other house, and had to pack up less than 2 months later, I had wrapped all my framed art and pictures each with packing paper. Needless to say, the paper stuck to every single frame. I had to sand some of them to get it all off. All that I used again had to be painted again. I had some of the frames laying around wondering what I was going to do with all of them when I noticed some small leftover pieces of cedar paneling from the kitchen island. There happened to be two pieces that fit perfectly inside one of the frames, and there is a little bit of a lip inside so it holds the boards in place, they are the kind that slide into each other so they hold each other in place too. I stained them with Minwax’s Special Walnut and then “white washed” them with an aqua tinted paint.  They looked much like the back of the island does.02 07 16_2679

From here I sort of sat on them for a little while because I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to put on them. Then it hit me. I was always telling my son “love you more” (not knowing at the time this was all over Pinterest). So I used the technique from the Love sign and printed out the “u” and the “more” using different fonts. The heart I found at Michael’s and all of it fit together perfectly in the frame. And other than the heart, I had everything on hand.

gallery wall2

After I had gotten everything hung up on the wall, I had a long “hole” at the top. I needed something long and slim to fit in this space, to make the whole wall of art more squared off. I wanted to make an arrow and wanted it to be like the metal ones I kept seeing at Hobby Lobby. This took me longer than it did to decide what words to put on the other sign. Finally, one day I was out on the screened in porch and noticed a leftover piece of baseboard from the bathrooms (we had used taller baseboards in there to cover up where I had taken down tile). It was also already painted. It would fit perfectly in the space. So I sanded it up, getting the edges really good. After I cleaned it up, I taped off the arrow with masking tape (I had decided to use the board upside down). Then I stained it with Minwax’s Weathered Oak, but that really only got into the bare spots. The next day, I dry brushed it with a Lowe’s sample paint that says Summer 2012. I took off the masking tape right away and noticed that the stain, but not paint, had seeped under it some. After it was all dry, I was going to touch up the arrow but Mr B said not to. He liked it like that, more rustic. So I sanded it a little and hung it on the wall with those Command velcroy strips. This project cost me nothing, I had everything on hand. I love it.

gallery wall3

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My Love/Hate Relationship with My Kitchen

It really doesn’t help that this is the one room I haven’t really finished. I mean, yes, there is a lot we have done to it. It is really really frustrating trying to figure out how to make it better.


I do admit that it is 50 million times better than the day I got the keys. The carpet was the rec room type and it was all put down over the original linoleum. There were two different wallpapers and that lovely stained glass (all plastic) door didn’t open. It was such a tiny room with that wall. That little cabinet was on wheels (it now resides in the shed and I will turn it into a potting bench when I get that shed cleaned out). The dishwasher and the oven hood didn’t work and the fridge didn’t make ice.

I removed all the wallpaper, removed the backsplash that was over the sink, painted everything but the ceiling, changed out the light over the sink, changed the faucet, changed the metal blinds to the fabric ones and added “curtains”. Removed the oven hood and installed my parents’ old microwave, switched out the dishwasher and fridge for my parents’ old ones and had all the outlets changed out (to white ones). And removed a bookcase, a rolling cabinet, carpet, padding, sand and linoleum. And cut down a wall.

05 29 15_2216

The ceiling in here is smooth, not popcorn, so nothing has been done to it yet. The big bookcase thingy was bolted in (my dad had to go into the attic to get the other end loose) and the electric lines from the wall we removed are tucked into the ceiling, so there are those patched holes. I haven’t painted that ceiling yet because I need to replace that florescent light first. My brother thinks I should have had recessed lights put in when the electrician was here but frankly I don’t like the look of those. I would rather just put up a track light that matches the other lights and will shine onto the island. What do you think? Would the recessed lights be better for resale?

allen + roth Tucana 4-Light Oil-Rubbed Bronze Dimmable Fixed Track Light KitThis kind of track light is movable so you can shine the lights where you want them. They also kind of match my other lights. I also like the kind where you can add as many pendants from the track as you like.

allen + roth Bristow 4-Light Specialty Bronze Dimmable Fixed Track Lighting KitThis is what I have where they used to have the dining room table. It is kind of empty space now with the pantry we are building. I am kind of thinking it would be better over the island, with recessed lights in the rest of the kitchen and something smaller by the pantry.

Lowe's 4

Seriously? These are lovely. Ali at Gimme Some Oven used the pendants that match my other lights. I think these lights would be perfect.

But on to the other elephant in the room. That time when I cut down the wall.


Power tools that can hurt me, kind of scare me. I picture cutting off a finger. It can be nerve racking. But we got er done. (I really was wearing goggles and a mask to do the work, this was a staged photo.)

litchen work

All those nails sticking out of the 2x4s? They all got removed. But the 2x4s aren’t budging. They are staying there. Have to work around them, somehow. See that “invisible” line on the ceiling, over in the middle, where the tape is hanging? That is where the kitchen and the old popcorn ceiling were “divided”. The kitchen side is smooth and was painted in a glossy paint. I haven’t painted it yet but the difference in texture have me pondering what to do to make it more seamless, or completely seamed.

kitchen 2

The elephant. You can see where my mom tried to cut out the other wood on the wall but it only seemed to burn it. I might just have to use a chisel. We need it more of a hole to get a piece of drywall on there to make that part of the wall flush and finished. The question I have today (though I haven’t received a comment in over a year) is how to finish off the 2x4s? Cover it with what? And how do I make the ceilings more blended over there were the old popcorn meets the kitchen part?

The rhino (uglier than an elephant) in the room is the cabinets. I have these brand new cabinets that made the island. The drawers open. There is no laminate peeling off. There is no gap where they didn’t make the doors tall enough for the cabinet openings. The drawers aren’t plastic. I thought maybe I could just pull off all the white laminate (since it’s peeling) and paint everything white, just for a temporary fix. But it is only particle board under the white laminate. Still, figuring out how to paint them all white would help disguise better their imperfections. (Not to worry, the front door has since been painted.)


If someone has tried to comment and for some reason it isn’t letting you, would you please email me at purplehysteria@gmail.com and let me know. Thank you.


Rustic Love Sign

love sign


love sign2

I wish I could say this was a simple and easy project. It was, except that the lettering was really a lot of work. LOL.

There was a board out in my car port, left over from the previous owners. I had my dad cut it into 3 pieces, not necessarily equal, and I was going to attach them to look like a shutter. The other day, I had other plans. The main supplies for this project were

02 02 16_2664

  •  One of the pieces of scrap wood
  • Minwax’s Special Walnut (I was testing which color we wanted as a base coat to the new pantry, so I had a few colors around. This one is perfect; not too dark, not too light)
  • Any light colored paint
  • A dark paint for the lettering, but not black
  • 2 foam brushes, a clean rag, a small angled brush
  • Printer and plain white paper (Ink Jet is best and not even sure that mine is)
  • Cute fonts like Heartland
  • Sharpie or other rounded cap that size


I started off by giving the wood a good sanding. Wiped it down. Then I used a foam brush to wipe on the stain (I didn’t do the back side). I then wiped off the stain with the rag. Once this was dry, I used a “white washing” technique. I mixed 1 part paint (about a small spoon full) with 3 parts water. I did this in a 5oz dixie cup, so there wasn’t a lot of waste. I used a foam brush to wipe this on the board, in small sections and wiped it off with the rag as I went.

love sign3

You can see, that the board had imperfections that took well to the stain and then the white washing. It looked gorgeous when I was done. After this, I spent a lot of time trying to get the letters perfect. I used 3 different fonts to get the look I wanted so I had to play around with the sizes a lot to get them perfect. I printed these each separately and then taped them to the board all together. Remember when printing them, to print them inverted (I finally had to go into Photoshop Elements to rotate the print). Once you have them taped to the board, start to work on one letter at a time with a small brush and water. Brush the water over the lettering until it starts to look darker. Then use the lid end of the sharpie to rub the lettering into the wood. **Maryann gives a great tutorial over at Domestically Speaking. Slowly pull the paper away, making sure you got all the letters. For me this wasn’t dark enough with the coloring of the wood, but worked as a good outline. I then used a small angled brush to paint over the letter transfers with the Plaid Metallic. I LOVE how it came out. Once this was dry, I sprayed the board with a poly, knowing it was going outside.

love sign5

I had originally wanted small wood hearts to attach to the side but I came across these plastic cookie cutters at Walmart and decided they were perfect. I had thought I would be able to punch a small hole in them to run the thread through but the plastic was too hard. I just tied 1 small one and 1 big one to each end of a piece of bakers twine, tied all 3 pieces together and thumb tacked them to the top of the board. Isn’t she lovely?

love sign

What project have you done with reclaimed wood?

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My Valentine’s Decorating


I love to decorate for the holidays. I even had out winter decor this year. I hate that I don’t have a mantel and seriously keep thinking where I can incorporate one. I am thinking that when this wall gets to a finished point, I can add a table that will be attached to the wall, that can act as a mantle.

05 31 15_2210

For now, I use my bookcase, but I may go a little overboard.


The love blocks, flower canvas, paper banner, and the spindle are all things I made in the past. The spindle has a flat top with a little hole that I can’t figure out how to finish. The pom poms I made last month, just added two pink ribbons to the ends.


I have this candle holder on the toilet in the hall (my son’s) bathroom. But I didn’t want to go buy pink candles so I just filled the holes with purple and white beads (I had tried my hands at jewelry making and failed) and these little white flowers. On the wall is a sign that says “Be Mine”.


Between the chairs in the living room is a little table from Target. On it sits this new twig heart on a stand from At Home. I stuffed the pink flowers in it. On the window sill, I switched out the berries with red ones.


I think I found this pink raffia at Target on sale after Valentine’s Day last year. I had 3 things of it. What a simple change up to make. I took a plain candle and wrapped the raffia around it, tying the wooden heart on at the end. I had just finished using up my Parmesan cheese and really loved the texture on the jar. I should try painting it so you can really see the texture. I just wrapped some of the raffia around it, tying on the wooden heart and filled the jar with kisses.


This is the top of my island. For a lower priced butcher block, I sure love it. I got this charger at Michael’s, I loved the design of it so much. I leave it on the island all the time. I found the candlestick at TJMaxx (what a great price) last month in the Christmas clearance and the little lantern at At Home. Easily turned it all into Valentine’s decor with some more edible color (Kisses) and threw in some red paper strips into the lantern. Which can all just as easily ease into Spring and then Easter decor.


The snowman is not to be outdone or put away yet. Just add some pink flowers and a blinged out heart, and he’s all ready for love too. I did the same thing to the one outside.


I don’t really have a true front porch. And my “flower bed” to the right of the door is rather bare right now. This chair is supposed to go with my back porch table but I love how it looks after I tried to sand it clean to stain the seat. I think it is here to stay. The flower pot was also a little bare so I made this wintery topiary for it last month and added some Valentine stuff to it. If the groundhog was right, spring is right around the corner. I can plant real flowers next month.


At the end of the sidewalk, in front of the door, I have this metal tub I have had upside down and decorating since fall.  I filled the lantern with some red accents (need something red to replace the gold owl) and just made the love sign, more on that in another post.

Do you go a little crazy sometimes when it comes to decorating? I am glad it doesn’t stay long though and most of this stuff I had. The only new things I bought for this holiday was the twig heart and the Kisses. And as I look at the pictures of the bookcase, I think I need to cover some of those books with paper and take off the jackets on the Harry Potter books. Take away some of all that different color.

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Inspire Me Monday #97

Industrial Bed Inspiration

I really love the Brooklyn bed from the new Target Industrial line. Swoon. The Industrial Shop™ Brooklyn Bedroom Collection

Because I am putting so much money into my house, I can’t afford $500 on a bed. Plus I might not really like all that metal after a while.

I have been scouring Pinterest for a way to recreate this look with more wood and less metal. Crafty Girl over at Crafty Corner, made a tufted headboard for her son and turned the box spring into a platform bed.

I really like the style. Instead of the midcentury legs, I am thinking pipes. Also, only the frame of the headboard really fits my idea. Using this build , I could upholster only the inside of the frame and paint the rest to look more like the Brooklyn. That would also take less padding (I have read several times that using an egg mattress is a lot cheaper). Quarter rounds, painted silver, would frame in the padded area nicely.

The Industrial Shop™ Brooklyn Bedroom Collection

Another thought I have in this process, is to go with a built frame instead of the box spring (putting legs on a boxspring isn’t always as sturdy). Sally at Mrs Fancy Pants shared a great tutorial on building a bed frame where you don’t use the box spring at all.

And it uses my pipe idea for legs. And I could maybe have just a little bit more height in the legs to make it a little taller. Maybe make the end piece a little taller and make it look more like the footboard in the Brooklyn piece.

Currently, I have a fourposter bed from World Market. Though it started out as a sturdy bed, it has been taken apart, moved and put back together more times than it was probably made for. I thought my not very old mattress was already sagging, and exchanged it for a new one, but it is because of the support (lack of) from the bed. After a fix to the siderail, it creaks so much when I get in and out of bed that I worry it is going to crash to the floor on me. So bed ideas are something in the near future for me, even if I hadn’t wanted them to be that near. Thank you Sally and Crafty Girl for the inspiration that I think I can use to pull off a Target hack.