>Open Door to Happiness


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Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.   –John Barrymore


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>Love Thy Neighbor


The science is simple: When you give the world love and respect, the world will give you love and respect back.

–Russell Simmons, American Entrepreneur and Music Producer

>The Kid’s Eye View


I was going through my camera today, which had pictures on it still from 2 years ago.  (I have the iPhone that I use to take most of my pictures these days.)  And this is what happens when a 5 year old decides to get the camera out.

>Who is Lili?


I am new at blogging and still trying to figure it all out. But I am reading, reading, reading. Finding my style. I tried wordpress.com but decided to give Blogger a try because most of the creative blogs I have seen are on Blogger. Next I am going to bring one of my blogs from there over because I just like it so much (for now).

Who am I? I am an educated, unemployed, single mom of a very testy 1st grade boy. I love creativity and could not live a black and white life.

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