Easy Dollar Tree Easter Door Decor

When it comes to making my own holiday decorations, I usually am so late in doing it, they don’t get much time spent on display. Until next year that is. I see things I want to make all the time and don’t get around to it until really late. I used to be better. Unless I am making it for someone else. Haha.

This year, thanks to Dollar Tree, I am several steps ahead for Easter. Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

I remembered seeing before where someone had used the pizza pans to make a snowman “wreath”. So I headed to a Dollar Tree I don’t usually go to and picked up my supplies.

supplies needed


I started by taking the pizza pan outside and spraying it with a white primer. This covered well enough that I just did 2 coats of this. (If I did it again, I would have sprayed a coat of clear sealant over the white to make sure it couldn’t get nicked up.)

While the paint was drying, I then needed to make some ears. I started out by taking the packing apart on these other items I picked up.

File Feb 18, 6 54 21 AM

The packaging was the perfect shape, just needed to be smaller. I cut the packing down to the size I wanted. Then I grabbed a piece of white card stock and cut around the cardboard to make pieces that matched the cardboard. I glued those pieces together and then very, very carefully glued the pink mesh around in the middle of the white ears. I started by gluing an oval around the inside of the ear and then adding glue I wound the mesh around the inside. You have to carefully push it down to stick to the glue while you are wounding it into the oval. Once finished, I set these aside and got to work on the face of the bunny.

File Feb 18, 6 53 24 AM

I cut apart the floral bundles and set those aside (I didn’t need the bunches to be tall). I attempted to make blush circles for “cheeks” with the mesh tubing but as I kept burning myself, I gave up and just made a nose out of the tubing. I then glued this down with stems from the floral bundles as whiskers.

File Feb 18, 6 53 24 AM

For now I think it looks better without eyes, but if I come across something in my stash that will make big enough eyes, I will try it out.

I then glued down some of the floral bundles and a carrot to make it more wreath like.

File Feb 18, 6 53 24 AM



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