Renovating Update

Finally getting somewhere.

Still too many started projects that I am too exhausted to finish.

Need new windows, stucco updated and a new furnace. (Must win lottery or have them donated.) Single mom seeking benefactor. Haha.

Can finally shower in the master bathroom. And finally have a door on the bathroom.IMG_2583

My mom is getting all new cabinets so we are going to replace mine with her old ones (going to be much better).08 27 15_2086

Need like 4 tons of gravel to finish off front and back yards. Add to above list for benefactor.

I had a tree fall down in a wind storm and it messed up some of the fence. The neighbors are fiercely private and I think I am going to have to jump the fence to fix it. (They have a huge fence around their back porch so they never go into the rest of their backyard.)Photo Aug 13, 6 23 47 PM

I have decided I do not like the paint color in this house. (I loved it in my other house but it got more natural light and didn’t seem so dark.) I am fine with it in the den, just not the other rooms. img_1408




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