The Two Year Progress: Or Lack Thereof

Two years ago I bought this house. A house that a lot more work was put into than initially anticipated. In fact, I still haven’t shared every completed room in the house. Because not every room is completed. So now that I am at the two year mark, I decided it’s time to break down what to do to each room. It’s still going to be a slow process. Money is tight. And I have no energy when I get home from work. More like a work in progress on the weekends.

I decided I need to concentrate on one room at a time. Maybe that way I would get them done. But I also have to borrow the nail gun from my brother so I guess it’s best to do all the projects that require that machine. This is why it’s taken me two years to decide to finish these small projects.


Take for instance, the wall that was removed from the beam

The removed wall/exposed wood stayed like that for over a year. It finally looks like this nowkitchen beam now

  1. Finish the beam. The wood pieces are cut and have been stained forever. I had to wait for a windless day to shellac them. Now I just need to wax them, so they all look the same. I love how it came it.
  2. From this picture, you can see I also need to finish painting the pantry. I accidentally got the wrong paint sheen, so I have been waiting to get the right paint from Shermin Williams. I guess I just need a coupon. I am trying to match the pantry to the cabinets on the island, and eventually will paint the rest of the cabinets to match.
  3. I also want to add faux brick sheets, and German smear the brick, to the soffits. If I like it, I might do that as a backsplash as well. The brick would look like this.2016-06-05-11.35.032
  4. Remove the sliding door and wall in.kitchen5
  5. Remove cabinet to the right of the sink, above dishwasher, and put in shelves. I have been having a hard time deciding what kind of brackets to use but really like these from The Mountain View Cottage (but with black brackets) 
  6. While I have that cabinet down, I can experiment removing the laminate overlay and painting it to see if I can do that to the rest of them.
  7. Build new doors and drawer fronts for the rest of the cabinets. Or maybe just replace them bottoms and then tops. If I had an Ikea nearby, that might be an easier feat.
  8. Paint counter top to look like marble.


den now

  1. Touch up paint the brown paint in entire room, especially by missing door frame.
  2. Paint the shiplap white.
  3. Attach the door frame.
  4. Add some type of wall art over the sofa.
  5. Paint the dark furniture lighter.
  6. Make Geni a food station.

Master Bedroom:

  1. Repaint room a lighter, truer grey.
  2. Expand baseboards.
  3. Add board and battan wall behind bed
  4. Frame in window.
  5. Finish bed.
  6. Lighten up furniture and ceiling fan blades.
  7. Hang mirror over dresser.
  8. Install barn door over bathroom door frame. I am digging this door

    Master bath:

  1. Move shower ceiling to open it up, but still have to work around pipes.
  2. Cover ceiling with beadboard like this but use the same baseboards from bathroom as the molding
  3. Get shower finished.
  4. Trim in bathroom window and add a curtain to block sun from the evening.
  5. Make one of these
  6. I’m sure there will be touch up painting to be done after everything else.

I am actually making more work for myself in my bedroom. But I think it will help to make my room look bigger, airier and more feminine.








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2 thoughts on “The Two Year Progress: Or Lack Thereof

  1. It never feels like it’s done, right? And even when it is done, it feels like, “Did I do the right thing or could I have done it differently?”


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