Northern Kentucky

I have been a little out of commission lately. I haven’t much felt like taking pictures which has really bothered me. I have been working a lot more lately too and need to learn how to balance that with time with my son and still taking pictures. I also went to (Northern) Kentucky last weekend. It was everything I always dreamed of for Kentucky. Green, lush, full flowing (over full actually) rivers and something I could look at every day. I would move there tomorrow if my friend and I hadn’t decided to just stay friends (I don’t think he thinks I would still move there).


Just to show where we were.


green cinci

It was a bit of a gloomy day, but was so nice out still. It rained on Tuesday, a lot. This is the Cincinnati side of the Ohio River. I wanted a better picture of the church on the hill but left my bigger lens in the car.


green ky

Driving down the highway on the way to Covington, KY. I learned used to be the major city until it all moved over into Cincinnati.


ohio river

Being from somewhere where the only river is called the Rio Grande, but you can mainly see the bottom of the river, this was an impressive river. There were places where it is so overflowing that there are lakes on the sides of the river where the rain has made the river run over.

cinci 2

I was also very impressed with the bridges. What you can’t see on the other side of that bridge is the Red’s stadium, whatever it is called.



ohio river 2

We went to this indoor mall in Newport that actually had a lot going on outside. It had a lot of cool stuff around. The thing below I am guessing was a glow stick type light. It wasn’t lit during the day. But I thought it was fun looking.

covington 2

ohio river 3

You can tell the Ohio River is flowing pretty good. My friend also thought the tree up on the pillar was pretty impressive. Like he said I guess all you need is a little dirt.

I would for sure go back for another visit if my friend ever offered, but Mr. B would have to go along and we would have to go to a game or something. Ah, but the green. I miss it already.

fun in Covington    Photobucket

We saw these human hamster balls outside the mall in Newport. Looked like so much fun.


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