Memories, Dreams and Reflections| 2014

Me I Love You Still Laughing The hair! Winter Wonder(land) I had no wonderland pictures from this winter, again. It was dry and brown and not very wonderful. But I had made these banana muffins this winter and thought they were a winter wonder. Birthday Friends I Was Inspired I had seen this "Monster Eye" …


Ghosts and Goblins

Witches Skeletons and cute little Pirates (Not mine, just a cute little man getting his picture taken by someone else already.) So I cropped the picture. Used the Photoshop Elements Color Fade Vertical action (I stuck with it since it left the pumpkin orange). Then added Michelle’s Sunny Light texture and cleared it over the …

A Touch of Fall in Black and White

The camera in this picture is my new prop. It is an old Kodak Brownie, movie camera. This was my first attempt at adding a little color back to a black and white picture. I am learning all sorts of new things this week. 


I thought the photo setup would be perfect to show off the heart necklace so you really notice it. I am not usually one to share pictures of me because I don’t really like pictures of me, but I do like how this one looks in black and white.