Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2015


This little wall made the kitchen so small. We made sure it was not load bearing and down it came. We still haven’t finished the newly exposed part of the ceiling.

I Love Youlove

Kaci, my mom’s dog, is not quite 7. She has lung cancer and not much longer to live. We love her so much. She is just one of those cuddly labs that doesn’t “ask” for too much.

Still Laughingstill laughing

I didn’t take this picture, but it was taken this summer by my mom. My dad is wearing my son’s goggles which were laying in the car. It reminds me that life is short and there is always time to laugh. We could have lost my dad in February but instead he is here, still being a goofball. Thank goodness.

Winter Wonderlandwinter wonderland

The snow that made the trip home from the hospital take 5 hours. This is the closed golf course that my parents live in the middle of (the front nine are still open). We have always come to this hill to sled when there is this much snow. Next year it may be apartments so it might never happen again.


I made this cake for 3 co-workers that had birthdays within a week and a half of each other. Per a joke with one of them it had to be a big ass cake. Well, I wasn’t about to bake that much cake. It’s really only a 2 layer to look more like a 4 layer. I put the cake on top of the cake pan and layered the outside of the pan with graham crackers, then frosted the whole thing. It was quite comical when one of them was trying to cut it and couldn’t get to the bottom of the plate. Luckily it was a metal pan and not something he could break.


B and his friend went as Thing 1 and 2 for Halloween. The easiest costumes ever but actually look like someone. M’s dad works for Intel and they have to move to Oregon. We thought they had until summer but they are now leaving the end of February. B is really sad about it but acting like a typical tween and pretending it is no big deal.

I Was Inspired12 12 15_2042inspired

I made this for my mom for Christmas when I finally found some shutters. I have plans for the other 5 too.

Spring Feverspring fever

My niece’s soccer coach. I just like how the tree behind her has buds trying to pop out and her pink shirt draws your eye to her. (It was a cool April after that snow storm the end of February).

Travelgo karts

Summer Dayssummer days

All my summer days were spent renovating. These are some of the pictures taken while in work.

A Day in My Lifeday in my life

B is pretty good at soccer. I wish he would get more into it, especially since he says he wants to play professionally. But he has this mad lazy streak in him and I can’t figure out how to get him to care more. Or to see that he can always get better even if he is better than most already. It only hurts him to not improve himself. I have always try to teach him that he is not entitled to anything. But it doesn’t sink in. Sad that his generation sees everything that way.

All Smilessmiles

Sort of a joke on the all smiles since he has his mouth held open that way. But B was high need for braces. Has had them since the month he turned 11. But what a difference his mouth looks already. I can’t wait til they come off this fall and to see the end results.

Autumn Harvestautumn

This is what I did this fall. You couldn’t even get to the kitchen window to clean it because the huge bush that was there. 40 years they were there I am sure. It took a lot of cutting and chopping and digging to get them out. I wanted something flowery. So the crepe myrtle is there instead and I have slowly been removing the lava rock. Eventually I will fill the area in with brick pavers.


Celebrate03 15 15_2247_edited-1

Celebration of life (and a belated birthday since he was in the hospital for that).

Let’s Do it Againbubble blowing

Even though the picture is 4 years old, this is a scrapbook page I just made last year. Like it says, who knew how much fun bubble blowing could be!

I Miss Youkelsey

I shared this one last year as well, but I still miss her. I see this abused dog commercial all the time and there is this lab mix that is shaking in the cold. It always makes me cry thinking of my Kelsey shaking from nervousness over loud noises and going to the vet.


Dress Updress up

B was Roger Williams for his end of 5th grade presentation (Wax Museum). He did pretty good. Funny thing, the black “jacket” is one of my sweaters. I just can’t stand buying items of clothing that he will only wear once.


I don’t think I have ever had a macro that wasn’t flowers. I didn’t have any of those last year. But this is the towel bar I made for the hall bathroom.


My Favoritecousins

Again, not a new picture, but it is my favorite scrapbook page I put together last year.

Don’t Ever Changedont change

Just Because…So There!just bc

Hopes and Dreams for 20162016adultresolutions

I am sharing here today: Memories, Dreams and Reflections


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