Aqua Glow


While experimenting yesterday I thought I would try out this glass vase in front of the Christmas tree. I went a few different ways. Took one in focus, then went all the way to just lights with a blue streak through the middle. I decided to share this one today for Glow. Also used Kim’s newest texture Cosmo and a brush I created out of an Albert Einstein quote.


 Many Muses Musing Live, Love, Travel image

You can also see my other 12 Days of Texture photos here.


Published by Lili

Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

5 thoughts on “Aqua Glow

  1. Very unusual – I like the little bits of bokeh that form themselves round the bottle. Nice quote, too. Thanks so much for linking to the Mortal Muses Festive Musing giveaway.


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