A Little Still Life

I was on the hunt for brown. I also wanted to capture the river with all the fall colored trees. It was hard to get close to the river but I captured some good shots today anyway. I also decided on a name for my photography, Sanukipity Photography. Sanuk means fun and happiness in ThaiContinue reading “A Little Still Life”


Capture Fun and Simplicity in 2

Fun The other day I saw this gum opened and thought it looked cool. I really think the picture came out fun. I didn’t realize there was that much gum until I saw the picture on the computer.   Two Tonight I took my camera to the baseball game with me. One of the littleContinue reading “Capture Fun and Simplicity in 2”

Sweet, Texture, Spring and Photoshop

I went and got Photoshop Elements 9 today. Had trouble activating it because the serial number was coming up used already. Got on Adobe chat and got that fixed right away. I played around a little with some photos. I have a long way to go on getting the merged pictures right. You can tellContinue reading “Sweet, Texture, Spring and Photoshop”