Advice for the Pantry Color

This is my we built it pantry. I got a paint that matched the cabinets my brother used to build my island. I got the wrong sheen so this is all I have painted. I don't like the color. I love the white on the wall but it makes the white on the pantry look …



Sandia Mountains, ABQ, NM Everything about this photo tells me it is fall. Look at all the texture and elements just in that little square. The clouds always roll off of the mountains like big burly waves crashing into the shore. The blue sky playing peek a boo with the white and gray clouds. And …

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

TrickLittle egg blended in with the flowers. Selective ColorI was glad for this prompt. I couldn't figure out what it was called when you left one color in a black and white photo and wanted to do that to this photo. So I looked up how to do selective colors. Close Up MirrorHere is a …

Project 64} Cornflower

Playing in the backyard with my little friend... Goodbye Project 64. You will be missed. This is my last entry to the colors out of the box. Maybe, just maybe I will take up the challenge. We will see. Thank you Brooke for all the fun I had finding the colors.

Project 64| Catch up

Red Sea Green Macaroni & Cheese Wisteria Raw Sienna Forest Green Cadet Blue It was a good day yesterday. My son needed to fulfill one of his Cub Scout activities so we took a walk around Old Town, each with a camera. Got some great pictures.

Salmon and Timberwolf

I love taking pictures. I love participating in the photog challenges. For some reason I have not been motivated to keep taking pictures in the same places. I need to get out and about. I wish I was a traveller. Some day.   Timberwolf Salmon

Pastel Bunny

A year or so ago my mom was given this egg that was made with the same concept as paper mache but it is string. A balloon was used to hold the shape. Inside my mom puts various Easter candy and decorations. I love how the light shines right on the duck like a spot …

Some more challenges

Depth of Field I wish I had had my bigger lense with me so you could really see the airplane in this picture. Bicycles Just one wheel of one of the bicycles in the garage. I think there are 7 of them (for 4 people). *Be sure to check out the other photos at Trendy …

Project 64 {Tickle Me Pink}

Crayola Crayon Chronology - tickle me pink; Personality Traits for this hue: *hot* *energetic* *loud* *courageous* *powerful*; Crayon Facts: Introduced in 1993 (good year) This is a rock I saw at the zoo gift store.