Sweet, Texture, Spring and Photoshop

I went and got Photoshop Elements 9 today. Had trouble activating it because the serial number was coming up used already. Got on Adobe chat and got that fixed right away. I played around a little with some photos. I have a long way to go on getting the merged pictures right.

my first merge copy

You can tell the backgrounds don’t match but since they were two different pictures (at the same beach on the same day)…

As you can probably tell on that picture I also learned how to watermark my photos the way I want. So they always have the SAME watermark. A big whoot whoot to that. I have been wanting to do that for so long. I stumbled upon directions from I heart faces (here).


You can see here that I made two different ones. I can’t tell you how excited I am by this. This is my picture for “sweet”. My sweet obsession of Dr. Pepper. I like how the picture came out kind of distorted.

Another picture for sweet, as well as my texture picture for the week. Not my favorite candy, but I had one from work and it seemed a good fit for sweet and texture.


I totally missed Happy Monday’s “spring” on Monday, but I wanted to share my spring picture anyway. A little out of the ordinary.


This picture is SOOC but you can tell from the yellow lines that it is not out of focus or that the color is off. This is also not your typical spring thought of a picture, but here this is what many spring days look like. That is sand blowing in the air. A lot of it. The wind was pretty fierce.


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3 thoughts on “Sweet, Texture, Spring and Photoshop

  1. great photos! 🙂
    if you want a tip on merging you want to use the spot healing brush (looks like a band aid) and the cloning tool (looks like a stamp.)(those are in the edit full mode) after your erase the top layer. The spot healing tool blends the two pictures together to give the best look for it (so you dont see the line) and the cloning tool helps also. I tell ya it took me a bit to figure everything out. but it will all come and you will looooove it! I know I do! GOOD LUCK on the editing and if you want more tips or whatever let me know. (ps your photo is a whole lot better then mine was when I first started… I dont even want to look at it… hehe)


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