I am not really sure what these flowers are but they have a lot of ridges, as well as the leaves, which I thought gave a lot of texture to the picture. Not to mention how the white pops off of the green leaves and the magenta pops off of the white.

Project 64| Magenta

I am rather behind from last week. I missed many of my favorite photo challenges, all because I worked 5 days in a row for the first time in a LONG time and it kicked my booty. Playing a little catch up today.    I did even take this photo on my iPhone, and usedContinue reading “Project 64| Magenta”



Fenced in Papa This picture was already full of texture with the chain link fence in front of my dad, but then I used the Accented Edges tool on Photoshop and I love how full of texture it really is.   A Wagon for Anything   We have this resort down the road that wouldContinue reading “Anything|Macro|Texture”

Sweet, Texture, Spring and Photoshop

I went and got Photoshop Elements 9 today. Had trouble activating it because the serial number was coming up used already. Got on Adobe chat and got that fixed right away. I played around a little with some photos. I have a long way to go on getting the merged pictures right. You can tellContinue reading “Sweet, Texture, Spring and Photoshop”