Week 1 of Gratitude Month

kindness14 granola bars around the indoor soccer arena | Payed it forward at Target (had to explain that one to the cashier, no one was behind us to see if she did it) | Took our Halloween candy, with some granola bars added to it, to the orthodontist for the Troops | Left a Lego toy at the same orthodontist office | Took canned food with us to the dentist office (they are matching all donations) | Left another Lego toy in the same dentist office, in the children’s waiting area | (Not shown here) Payed it forward at Chik-fil-A where I also had to explain to the cashier (we saw him tell the next car but he didn’t hand her the card) | I also left a card with 2 quarters taped on the back on the vending machine at the car wash

All in all, I feel pretty good about this week (other than a few glitches where my son got stingy). I also made up some Blessing Bags to have in the car and decided it would be a great project for our soccer team to do. We could all get together, bringing something to add, and the boys could put them together. Then, even pass them out to the homeless together. I will have to ask the coach what he thinks.


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Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

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