Lordy, Lordy, who is 40?

In 1974

Disney made Herbie Rides Again, The Bears and I, The Castaway Cowboy and The Island at the Top of the World (I haven’t heard of most of these)…

…came movies I have heard of like The Godfather: Part II, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, Chinatown, The Exorcist, The Great Gatsby (the original one with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow), The Man With the Golden Gun (how many different James Bonds has there been? Roger Moore did the most James Bond films), Murder on the Orient Express, and a lot of movies I have never heard of. Doesn’t matter I haven’t seen any of these movies either…

…books were published like Carrie by Stephen King, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, Blubber by Judy Blume, Watership Down by Richard Adams, Snow White by Paul Heins, and Random Acts of Kindness by Conari Press (why is it RAOK didn’t become very popular until recent years?)…

…people watched All in the Family (CBS), Sanford and Son (NBC), Chico and the Man (NBC), The Jeffersons (CBS), M*A*S*H (CBS), Rhoda (CBS), Good Times (CBS), The Waltons (CBS), Maude (CBS) and Hawaii Five-O (CBS) (notice how there are only 3 channels)…

…the top Billboard Hits inlcuded “The Joker” by Steve Miller Band, “You’re Sixteen” by Ringo Starr, “The Way We Were” by Barbra Streisand, “Dark Lady” by Cher, “Sunshine on My Shoulders” by John Denver, “Hooked on a Feeling” by Blue Swede, “Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John, “The Loco-Motion” by Grand Funk, “Band on the Run” by Paul McCartney & Wings, “Billy Don’t Be a Hero” by Bo Donaldson and The Heywoods, “I Shot the Sheriff” by Eric Clapton, “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas, and “Cat’s in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin…

  • Just prior to Saigon’s capture by North Vietnamese forces, the last remaining U.S. personnel were evacuated from Vietnam
    The average cost of a new house was $34,900.00
    The cost of a gallon of gas was 55 cents
    The average cost of a new car was $3,750.00
    The average income per year was $13,900.00
    The average monthly rent was $185.00
    The Sears Tower in Chicago became the worlds tallest building
    The much hyped boxing match between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali for Ali to regain his heavyweight title took place in Kinshasa, Zaire
    Following impeachment hearings started on May 9th, Richard Nixon became the first US president forced to resign after the Watergate Scandal
    The estimate of The Worlds’ Population reached 4 billion
    Work began on the 800 mile long Alaska Oil pipeline
    The MRI Scanner (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) was developed in the USA
    The post-it note was invented by Arthur Fry. It became widely used and available in 1980
    21 year-old Michael Kittredge opened his Yankee Candle factory
    After several decades of deciding how to do it, the first U.P.C. scanner was installed. The first product to have a bar code included was a packet of Wrigley’s Gum…

…stars were born; such as: Leonardo DiCaprio (actor), Christian Bale (actor), Amy Adams (actor), Penelope Cruz (actor), Joaquin Phoenix (actor), Hilary Swank (actor), Rey Mysterio Jr (wrestler), Derek Jeter (retired Yankee), Lil Kim (rapper), and Nelly (rapper) to name a few. There were a lot of well known actors born that year. Must have been the end of US in Vietnam, all those men coming home…

…And 6 weeks early, along came little ole ME.me




My Birthday Challenge

A year ago, I posted this list of photos I challenged myself with, to accomplish by my birthday. I had to make some substitutions, but I finished the challenge.

Balloons | Little Princess | Swan subbed to Flamingo | Waterfall | Something New | Favorite Footwear | Butterfly | Purple | Rainbow | Puddle Jumping | Flying | Vintage Bicycle | Splash of Red | Orange | Yellow

Green | Blue | Teal/aqua | Summer Fun | Winter Wonderland subbed to Autumn Wonder | Celebration | Favorite Place | Pretty in Pink | Favorite Dessert | Spring Fever | Autumn Harvest | Sun-flare | Welcoming Entry | Colorful Mailbox | Path


 Leafy | Cutie Pie | Pleasure | Street Scene | With a Prop | Whimsical | Family | Presents | Happy | Sparkly

Pictures can be seen full size in my Flickr album.

3rd Week of RAOK

IMG_0060Mr B and I left coloring books in waiting rooms at the hospital (a lady from work also gave us 5 to pass out) and we went back up to the occupied floor last for him to hand one to the boy there | Gave out a Blessing Bag to a man that was asking for help on a street corner | Left a “care package” for a friend at work (tea, honey and EmergenC) | Left a new dog toy on the gate at the Doggie Park | Mr B gave a pack of gum to his soccer coach

I got the idea for the gum from Gina and made them up to give to Firefighters, but the day I made them up I decided his soccer coach needed one too. He really does go the extra mile. Her printable can be found by clicking on her name.

I found several pins on the Blessing Bags and just bought random things to put in them. I found everything in the pantry, in the $1 aisle at Target or at Dollar Tree.

Mine included:

  • Comb
  • Hand Warmer
  • Chapstick
  • Kleenex
  • Toothpaste/toothbrush
  • Trail mix
  • Cheese Crackers
  • Pretzels
  • Fruit Snacks
  • A coupon for food without a purchase (I need to get a hold of more of those)
  • I made up the paper to put inside, and wrote an inspirational on the back

I decided after making these that it would be a great team character building experience for the soccer team. Each player bring an item to put in them, this time adding socks and gloves, less food. I am looking into the shelters to find the best place to donate them. The boys also have to find their own inspirational quotes. I think it will be a great experience.

As my birthday quickly approaches, I am finding more and more that I don’t like negativity in my life. I am trying really hard to be more positive which makes happiness easier. I found this on Pinterest once (and of course did up again myself) and too true it is.too short


Week 2 of Gratitude Month

It is really about kindness, but it is also about fulfilling one of my life lists and giving out 40 gifts for my 40th. Random Acts of Kindness was just a way better way to go about it. =)

It was a slow week, but I have huge plans coming up.

I wanted to mention that I am not sharing here, or on Instagram, to brag. I am merely keeping track with Instagram. And I am sharing here to share with the world what kindness can be like. I just wish that at least once I could see the face of the recipient, but that really isn’t the point.


With the help of Meezie (she would have done more and more had I let her, but they weren’t her quarters, lol), we left: 2 of these cards at the movie theater, 1 at the restaurant on the candy machine, 2 on games at the soccer arena, and 4 more near the snack bar at the soccer arena. She had fun running around finding places to put them, and then going back to check if they were gone. I found these printable cards at Sugar Bee Crafts.

Small acts, but just the same, I also left my change in the Ronald McDonald box after paying for my tea 2 times this week. Next week is Literacy week at my son’s school and his teacher’s 40th is 2 days after mine, so my mind has been brewing.

Last week’s printables can be found here and here and also I have posted all ideas on my Pinterest board.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 7.57.32 AM

Experimenting with Aperture

I played around with Manual Mode for a little while. But then one day the pictures started coming out too bright. I couldn’t for the life of me understand how to change the settings. Every time I found a blog post on how to use Manual Mode, it always pertained to a Canon camera and I just wasn’t understanding it. Have I told you lately how much I love Pinterest? I happened upon a pin from this lovely lady that happens to have the same camera I use. And now.I.get.it. Sort of.

Aperture is expressed as F-stop, e.g. F2.8 or f/2.8. The smaller the F-stop number (or f/value), the larger the lens opening (aperture). Aperture is a space through which light passes in an optical or photographic instrument, especially the variable opening by which light enters a camera.

So I did as Aimee suggested and went from smallest to largest, on the same item. I just should have done it earlier, before the natural light was almost gone. Tomorrow I will try out her suggestion on ISO. Then shutter speed. But maybe I need to try aperture in better light too. aperture

I used grapes. And focused on a grape that was closest to the lamp I had shining right on them. Each picture got darker and darker and by the end I had to move back a tad so that the shutter would actually click. I can’t wait to try out the other settings.

Pops of Yellow Everywhere

There is this place in Albuquerque, by the river, called Bachechi Open Space. There are trails, wetlands, a nursery. A very lovely place, especially this time of year. That might just be one of my favorite places.park

I had last Friday off, due to the fact I had wanted a 3 day weekend to clean and empty my POD into the garage of the house I was supposed to close on. So I took Mr B to the orthodontist, got some breakfast and took him to school. Got my car washed. Strolled around the Open Space and took some pictures. Got my hair cut. Picked Mr B and a friend up from school and took them to their destination. It was an eventful weekend.

Mr B was with his soccer coach and son, spent the night over there. On Saturday we all met up to see Big Hero 6 (good movie) and then went to lunch. Then it was time for his indoor soccer game.

On Sunday, I made bookmarks for my RAOK while Mr B and Meezie looked on and we watched Maleficent. Then went to Arby’s for Moe’s birthday (at 8, those are the places his chooses). Had some Baskin Robbins after. I only took pictures at the Open Space though. Sometimes it is too busy to document. I was being social instead. LOL. That is big for me, these days.

Good flags

Good patriotism: New Mexico and USA flags. Good weather, no wind.


As I was strolling around, I saw that this family was getting their pictures taken. I bet a photographer never thought someone else would randomly take her picture (and never knew I was there).

Funwalking dog

I watched this couple walk from behind me, all the way beyond to the path by the river. The dog was so happy to be let off the leash.

I am sharing here today: Monday Mellow Yellows and Good.Random.Fun.  I also realized my little ole blog wasn’t ready for a link-up. So I will be putting 64 Shades of Color on hold.

Week 1 of Gratitude Month

kindness14 granola bars around the indoor soccer arena | Payed it forward at Target (had to explain that one to the cashier, no one was behind us to see if she did it) | Took our Halloween candy, with some granola bars added to it, to the orthodontist for the Troops | Left a Lego toy at the same orthodontist office | Took canned food with us to the dentist office (they are matching all donations) | Left another Lego toy in the same dentist office, in the children’s waiting area | (Not shown here) Payed it forward at Chik-fil-A where I also had to explain to the cashier (we saw him tell the next car but he didn’t hand her the card) | I also left a card with 2 quarters taped on the back on the vending machine at the car wash

All in all, I feel pretty good about this week (other than a few glitches where my son got stingy). I also made up some Blessing Bags to have in the car and decided it would be a great project for our soccer team to do. We could all get together, bringing something to add, and the boys could put them together. Then, even pass them out to the homeless together. I will have to ask the coach what he thinks.