DIY Kitchen Inspiration

We got the 2×4 braces up for the wooden beam. Yea!! I stained one piece of wood. My dad removed the florescent light. I was pleasantly surprised I don’t have more than just two screw holes to patch.

I have to make myself a to do list if I am going to get this done. But first here are some of the kitchens I am keeping in my mind as I work on this space.


My all time favorite do it their-selves kitchen renovation. I LOVE the backsplash.

Refresh Restyle

I never thought I would like white cabinets but I am loving the crisp, clean look of them. Plus, my island has white cabinets and I really love it.

A Burst of Beautiful

This gives me an idea of the white cabinets, with a wood top island and darker countertops.

Via Better Homes and Gardens

Then there is the open corner shelves I want to put above the dishwasher.

What I need to do to finish this room:

  1. Fill in all the holes and gaps on the ceiling
  2. Paint ceiling
  3. Stain boards for the beam
  4. Install beam
  5. Buy (or get as present) new kitchen light and install
  6. Get the right paint (shinier) to finish painting the pantry (same paint will be used on cabinets)
  7. Remove cabinet over dishwasher
  8. Install corner shelves
  9. (I am going to use this removed cabinet to test if I can remove the laminate from them so that I can then sand and paint the cabinets already there)
  10. Build new cabinet doors/paint
  11. Faux brick the soffits (I think I might use mortar for texture, and paint this with stencils instead of the paneling) so it looks like exposed brick
  12. Paint the countertops
  13. Trim out the bottom of the island and the cabinets
  14. Remove sliding glass door and wall in the hole (I would love to put a double sided fireplace for here and the porch if I could afford)

Not sure if I want to do a backsplash since I am doing the brick above. But subway tile is a thought.


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