My Valentine’s Decorating

I love to decorate for the holidays. I even had out winter decor this year. I hate that I don’t have a mantel and seriously keep thinking where I can incorporate one. I am thinking that when this wall gets to a finished point, I can add a table that will be attached to the wall, that can act as a mantle.

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For now, I use my bookcase, but I may go a little overboard.


The love blocks, flower canvas, paper banner, and the spindle are all things I made in the past. The spindle has a flat top with a little hole that I can’t figure out how to finish. The pom poms I made last month, just added two pink ribbons to the ends.


I have this candle holder on the toilet in the hall (my son’s) bathroom. But I didn’t want to go buy pink candles so I just filled the holes with purple and white beads (I had tried my hands at jewelry making and failed) and these little white flowers. On the wall is a sign that says “Be Mine”.


Between the chairs in the living room is a little table from Target. On it sits this new twig heart on a stand from At Home. I stuffed the pink flowers in it. On the window sill, I switched out the berries with red ones.


I think I found this pink raffia at Target on sale after Valentine’s Day last year. I had 3 things of it. What a simple change up to make. I took a plain candle and wrapped the raffia around it, tying the wooden heart on at the end. I had just finished using up my Parmesan cheese and really loved the texture on the jar. I should try painting it so you can really see the texture. I just wrapped some of the raffia around it, tying on the wooden heart and filled the jar with kisses.


This is the top of my island. For a lower priced butcher block, I sure love it. I got this charger at Michael’s, I loved the design of it so much. I leave it on the island all the time. I found the candlestick at TJMaxx (what a great price) last month in the Christmas clearance and the little lantern at At Home. Easily turned it all into Valentine’s decor with some more edible color (Kisses) and threw in some red paper strips into the lantern. Which can all just as easily ease into Spring and then Easter decor.


The snowman is not to be outdone or put away yet. Just add some pink flowers and a blinged out heart, and he’s all ready for love too. I did the same thing to the one outside.


I don’t really have a true front porch. And my “flower bed” to the right of the door is rather bare right now. This chair is supposed to go with my back porch table but I love how it looks after I tried to sand it clean to stain the seat. I think it is here to stay. The flower pot was also a little bare so I made this wintery topiary for it last month and added some Valentine stuff to it. If the groundhog was right, spring is right around the corner. I can plant real flowers next month.


At the end of the sidewalk, in front of the door, I have this metal tub I have had upside down and decorating since fall.  I filled the lantern with some red accents (need something red to replace the gold owl) and just made the love sign, more on that in another post.

Do you go a little crazy sometimes when it comes to decorating? I am glad it doesn’t stay long though and most of this stuff I had. The only new things I bought for this holiday was the twig heart and the Kisses. And as I look at the pictures of the bookcase, I think I need to cover some of those books with paper and take off the jackets on the Harry Potter books. Take away some of all that different color.

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