My Valentine’s Decorating

I love to decorate for the holidays. I even had out winter decor this year. I hate that I don’t have a mantel and seriously keep thinking where I can incorporate one. I am thinking that when this wall gets to a finished point, I can add a table that will be attached to theContinue reading “My Valentine’s Decorating”

Sweet Pink Tones Tuesday

Ah, I love photographing pink. Especially last week for Kim’s Beyond Layers prompt. Or Xanthe’s prompt that is. Also went to Old Town on Sunday and took a lot of pictures. Just a few to share today. Textured with Kim Klassen‘s Flourish and Grunged Up 2. Then I adjusted the Hue and Saturation bringing outContinue reading “Sweet Pink Tones Tuesday”

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

Fall’s lingering kiss. Probably one of the last, although it was pretty warm today.    Recipe: KK’s Vintage at Multiply 77%, KK’s Scripted Autumn at Soft Light 100%, a few RadLab edits.                               Though this picture still has pink in it, compared to the original, it has a strongContinue reading “A Rose is a Rose is a Rose”