Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Day of the Tread

  Day of the Tread is an annual event in Albuquerque that supports Casa Esperanza…a home where families not from the area can live while their family member is being treated in the hospital. After not feeling ready last year, my dad decided to do the 100 mile bike ride this year. (He did 100 miles in the Hotter than Hell ride in Wichita Falls this summer, today’s weather was great other than the 15 minutes of rain compared to how hot it was in Texas for that). It’s fun to see the different costumes, even though they aren’t a requirement.


Her leggings looked like paint to me. And a great smile for just coming up a massive hill.


What do you think my background is? I didn’t see any of those out today, so I got this when I got home.


We always go out and cheer my dad on. This year we kept going ahead of him and cheering cheering. (He’s too serious to dress up for riding.) My brother and sister-in-law even went on to 2 others stops and got to talking to some of the other riders.

Looking Cutecute2

I had another picture planned for this, but decided to keep with the day. Her outfit was just too cute. I think it’s a horn on her helmet.

Photographer’s Choicemy choice

And it was just too great of a day. And this was after the rain storm that came on quick. Left some good water. Leaving some dirty backs from coming up off the wheels. But it was just perfect out.

I am also linking up here today:

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8 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Day of the Tread

  1. What an interesting them for the ride. I think I would feel silly dressing up for it, but looks like they had a lot of fun. At least the orange shirt your dad wore fit the theme. 🙂


    1. Kinda interesting, the whole Day of the Dead theme. And my dad’s shirt was the brightest orange for sure. Thanks for stopping by Martha and leaving the kind words.


    1. Thank you Ida, it is actually fun watching the riding (with the costumes especially). That last shot was my favorite too =)


  2. I just love that first photo of your girl on the bike in her outfit!!
    And I wanted some of those candy pumpkins the other day–but I was a good girl!!!
    love the rest of the photos–


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