>Snow delay/school closure day


I want to say it has been a crazy winter but I have seen worse. In respects to being crazy though, it hasn’t been what they predicted, we haven’t exactly had a dry, mild winter. On Sunday my son went swimming, in an in door pool Rolling on the floor laughing while it was almost 70 outside (we were out of town and it was about a 15 degree difference). Monday morning it was cold and by Monday afternoon it was snowing. In Chicago, Denver, other places that get a lot of snow in the winter, this is nothing new. Places like Alabama and Atlanta (even my brother in Weatherford, TX had enough to build a snowman), it has been a crazy winter.

I lived in Chicago for 2 winters, one of which snowed on and off all winter. I walked to the airport in 3 feet of snow, pulling my suitcase behind me. Wearing a trench coat and boats that we all then had to track from city to city, plane to plane (I was a flight attendant). The mailman refused to deliver our mail anymore if the landlord didn’t clear the sidewalk (it took him a month). I stopped to get gas on the way to Milwaukee and my gas cap was frozen on and I was on empty. I have driven on the busy freeway in a blizzard (people here can’t drive like that for anything). I watched the pile of snow in the Target parking lot get bigger and bigger and blacker and blacker as the winter went on.

Growing up in Northern New Mexico, we were prone to snow. It wasn’t much of a shock there either. We moved there when I was in 5th grade. We walked down the hill to school, which also included a dirt path down a hillside. I slipped on the snow once and slid through the stickers. Not sure if my mom had to bring me new clothes or not. When I was a senior in high school I was driving my mom’s old Delta 88. V6 engine. It snowed pretty bad one time and she didn’t want me driving to school, the only way into town was down a pretty steep hill. She hit a patch of ice just right and we ended up completely turned around on the hill just as if we were going to drive up it, on the right side. She had to back down though because she couldn’t get traction to go up.  

The year we had moved to Farmington, we had gone down south to Carlsbad for my great grandmother’s 80th birthday. We stopped in Roswell on the way to pick up my best friend to go with us. I am going to say it was February, March or April. On the highway (there aren’t any freeways in that part of New Mexico) going back to Roswell it started to snow. We ended up being stranded in Roswell for 3 days. It was a good thing we took the little detour to take my friend home or we would have been stranded on the highway somewhere. Roach motel no doubt. My dad is stubborn. That time of year, in that part of New Mexico, that was a freak storm.

Now I am back in the Albuquerque area. It doesn’t snow here like it did when I was a little little tike. Usually it is gone by the next day if even. When I was running that restaurant I won’t name, I was the manager due to open one Saturday morning. They had closed a little early the night before due to the snow coming down. I had a truck of food due to come in so I wasn’t sure that I couldn’t go in. I was due in at 7am. I got myself stuck in the driveway (I drive a Toyota Matrix) and had to go wake my dad to help me get into the street where the newspaper delivery person had left tire marks already. I got myself to work. So did my baker. We ended up not opening and my worker had to dig our cars out of the parking lot where they were stuck in at least a foot of snow. (That is how dedicated I was to that company, for 3 years.)

So, tell me your crazy snow stories. I think it would be fun to share.


On another note I went out this morning and tried my camera out on macro. I also took the same picture on auto. I am not sure I can really tell the difference.001-tile



I can see more cracks and wrinkles on the chiminea but other than that the auto picture seems to be better. I was in my pjs and slippers and didn’t want to step in the snow so I will go back out later and take some more macro pictures (I just learned last night that is the flower setting).

I have a question too, I am posting my 365 days of photos on my Facebook because I have read where Flickr doesn’t give you that much free space. Any suggestions? I am also going to post later some blogging tips and tricks I have learned for all my new people.

>iHeart Faces


I Heart Faces - Photography Challenges, Tutorials and Tips

Any level photographer can join in on the iheart faces fun. Every week they have a different challenge that you can enter a picture into. No matter what the theme there also has to be a human face in the picture. You also have to enter a different picture every time. This week the theme is the best of January. I happen to have the perfect picture from this weekend to enter. My son got to go swimming. I was trying to capture him jumping in but I have yet to get the timing right on the shutter time. But this “walrus” looking picture is much better.






Blisscat swimming

I was going to enter this picture until I saw the one of my son.

>365 Days of Photos


I didn’t think to post a week’s worth in one post instead of posting just 1 a week. =) Since I am behind, here are all the pictures up to this week I have posted on my Facebook.

#1January 11, 2011 A little love vignette

#2#2 Kaci

#3#3 A editing opp

#4#4 The tip of the Sandia Mountains

#5January 15, 2011 Taken in the garden section of Home Depot

#6January 16, 2011 A friendly reminder

#7#7 Before glazing

#8#8 Part of Stephanie Ackerman’s Doodle 101

#9#9 Self portrait, haircut

#10#10 Kaci

#11January 22. 2011 A billboard I passed on I40

#12January 22, 2011 I40 and I25 Interchange

#131st glazing My first glazing progect

>Photo Editing


Every once in awhile I do the photo challenge with The Creative Crate. Today Stacie posted a picture to edit. That way everyone edited the same picture. I just used Picasa and then did a little more editing in Picnik.

The original picture image

My edited version mayceebridge

I cropped the photo, then did the Auto Contrast in Picasa. From there I went into Picnik and did the Vignette under Effects. Then I added the paw prints in stickers.



January 15, 2011

I took this at Home Depot. I love how the background just kind of blurred and brought the beauty of the flowers out in bold view.

I am doing a 365 days of photos project and posting them on my Facebook (link found on sidebar). Nothing really dramatic yet, except for this one.

>Accept Yourself


Have you ever wished you were someone else? We all have at some point. But eventually we come to realize that the body, mind and circumstances we were born with – even if they seem ‘imperfect’ to us – can all be used to create a beautiful and meaningful life. The choice is always ours – continue to wish – or accept and improve upon the gifts we’ve already been given.
~~Ron Atchison; The Mayor of Inspiration Peak

>Picture Time Thursday


I got the Nikon d90 back in November as a birthday/Christmas present. I really can’t afford the left over part of it on my credit card but it is such an awesome camera. I need to use it more. One thing I decided to do was make Thursday’s a day I post a picture I take on it. That makes me take at least 1 picture a week. That really isn’t enough. I have a good Facebook friend that is a photographer. She mentioned something about her 365 day project and I realized (with a duh head slap) that is what I need to do. Take 1 picture from it every day of things I love. I got a bigger purse at TJMaxx and I need to fashion a cover for camera so I can make sure I always have it on me for this project. I am excited about it and where my photography can go with this.

Day 2


This is Kaci (I tried using Picassa’s retouch to get rid of Tobi’s foot but it wasn’t happening, gotta work on that more). She has a bit of ADHD but she is the best, and beautiful taboot.

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