>365 Days of Photos


I didn’t think to post a week’s worth in one post instead of posting just 1 a week. =) Since I am behind, here are all the pictures up to this week I have posted on my Facebook.

#1January 11, 2011 A little love vignette

#2#2 Kaci

#3#3 A editing opp

#4#4 The tip of the Sandia Mountains

#5January 15, 2011 Taken in the garden section of Home Depot

#6January 16, 2011 A friendly reminder

#7#7 Before glazing

#8#8 Part of Stephanie Ackerman’s Doodle 101

#9#9 Self portrait, haircut

#10#10 Kaci

#11January 22. 2011 A billboard I passed on I40

#12January 22, 2011 I40 and I25 Interchange

#131st glazing My first glazing progect


Published by Lili

Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

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