>Picture Time Thursday


I got the Nikon d90 back in November as a birthday/Christmas present. I really can’t afford the left over part of it on my credit card but it is such an awesome camera. I need to use it more. One thing I decided to do was make Thursday’s a day I post a picture I take on it. That makes me take at least 1 picture a week. That really isn’t enough. I have a good Facebook friend that is a photographer. She mentioned something about her 365 day project and I realized (with a duh head slap) that is what I need to do. Take 1 picture from it every day of things I love. I got a bigger purse at TJMaxx and I need to fashion a cover for camera so I can make sure I always have it on me for this project. I am excited about it and where my photography can go with this.

Day 2


This is Kaci (I tried using Picassa’s retouch to get rid of Tobi’s foot but it wasn’t happening, gotta work on that more). She has a bit of ADHD but she is the best, and beautiful taboot.


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