15 Creative Christmas Container Decorating

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I will not start decorating my porch for Christmas. For me, Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time for that. Right now, I still have living flowers. And I want fall decorations out for a little while. But I thought I would round up some great ideas for Christmas porch decorating now, to be ready. Of course, I let a week go by since I started this and Thanksgiving weekend is next weekend. Some of these ideas shown are inside but there is no reason each can’t be used inside or outside.

On Sutton Place

I love the fresh trees in the olive baskets. Hobby Lobby is selling olive baskets and the fresh trees can usually be found at Lowe’s or Home Depot.


Remodelando la Casa

Cristina even shows how to make these planters, but I think any wooden crates would work too. I like all her little add-ons too. Simple and rustic.

Postcards from the ridge

I wish my parents had saved our old Radio Flyer. And I have drooled over sleds for year. I need to just make one already.

Two Twenty One

I too have a pot that is not movable (although with a dolly I probably could), so I did this last year. I even did it again for just winter and for Valentine’s day.

To Work With my Hands

Great use of an old crate too. Don’t have an old crate, these crates can be gotten at Michael’s for under $10 with a coupon.

Home Stories AtoZ

Another way to use a wooden crate, but also love the boots as planters.

Hospitality Designs

An old watering can never looked so good. Don’t have an old one, make one look old and rusty. Cinnamon doesn’t just work in the kitchen, you can use it with glue or paint to make metal look rusted.

Finding Home Farms

I love these galvanized buckets. I am sure you could fill them with real or fake greenery and put them on steps outside too.

Nina Hendrick

I love everything about this spot in Nina’s house so I couldn’t just share a photo of the crock filled with Christmas goodness. I think you can find birch branches at Lowes or Home Depot and use real or fake greenery again. But Nina even used the old printer’s drawer to fill with Christmas items. I seriously need to find me one of those.

Uncommon Designs

Another use for galvanized buckets. Did you know that you can find buckets pretty cheap at Tractor Supply. They are pretty shiny, but you can learn how to age them from Bonnie.

Rusty Hinge

Not only does Maria use an old sleigh to hold trees, she also uses a glass vase to hold a smaller tree and a birdcage to hold miniature trees. She has loveliness all over her house.

Clean and Scentsible

Great use of an old ladder by Jenn. She also has other creative holders around her house.

The North End Loft

I loved this rustic centerpiece so much, that I made my own with fence posts I had saved from the downed fence. (I wish I had saved more.) Right now I have it full of fall decorations.

On Sutton Place

You can use lanterns for any time of year, and Ann shows you how in this eBay post. I have found large lanterns at a reasonable price at Home Goods. Its so fun and easy to go through your holiday decorations to fill it up.

Jenna Sue

The three-tiered tray is also something that can be filled all year round. I have seen them decorated for the holidays like Jenna Sue did here, used as a coffee bar and many other ideas. I have seen them made with pie plates and candler holders, metal, wood, ect. An easy DIY project. I have been eye balling the one at Sam’s Club but can’t decide if it is too big.


8 squared.jpg


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