Weekend Distractions No. 3

I need to come out of hiatus. I need to get out and take pictures again. I need to stop being so tired and achy all the time from my job. I am not complaining, I am meditating. Per say.

Sometimes at night, no matter how tired I am, I can’t fall asleep because I am daydreaming about all the things I would love to be able to do with my house. As much as I would rather the house be on more land, with neighbors not so close, I think I am here in this house for the long haul. My next home, maybe, will be a fixer upper with the more land and less neighbors. Trees, I dream of trees. It’s the simple things.

I am (a little obsessed) distracted with what to do with the furniture in my bedroom, without buying new. And how to hang a barn door over the entry into the bathroom. And what door to hang. I had always loved the darker brown furniture but am finding it is rather gloomy in smaller spaces. So I will be painting what I have. I love the two toned furniture. Here are a few I love

dresser makeover


This is what my room looks like now


This is the bed I inherited from my brotherIMG_1268

And this is the door he gave me. I am thinking I will frost the glass on the bathroom side of it, I might also have to add boards to it to make it wide enough…it will slide like a barn doorIMG_1267

My dilemma now is that I can’t decide how I want to paint the dresser and nightstand. Which color scheme that is. I would then paint the headboard and footboard the same color I use on the base of the other pieces. I would probably also keep the hardware, but paint it another color. As for the color of the door, it depends if I have to add more wood to it, if not then I would leave it be but maybe distress it a little more.

This is me not being able to finish one project these days. Back in late winter my mom and I had told my dad I didn’t want to be working on fence in July. He said we won’t. In the spring the wind started blowing the fence up front over, and then some cops pulled the front front part apart thinking it was a gate (some kid was hiding in my yard). So the fence had to get worked on when I took a week off in early June. Needless to say, here it is August, as hot as July, and the fence has all been taken down and most posts are cemented but I see into the jungle next door, still. I don’t like putting the pickets up by myself because then I get criticized for them not being straight even though I am very OCD about hanging them. Plus, it is just too hot to be working outside.

So I get distracted with things like my screened in porch and how it needs to be made better so we can sit out there when the weather is a bit cooler. That is also a project I can justify working on early in the am when other people aren’t awake yet. I pulled and scraped out all the carpet and padding, now have to figure out how to cover up the old glue spots to paint the whole thing. I have caulked every nook, cranny, crack, ect in half the porch and have gotten the wood lattice pieces to replace the rotted ones outside. But I got away with myself the other day and stated pulling on other rot and left myself with thisIMG_1266_edited-1

I need to bite the bullet and go get a seamless gutter for out here, with only one drain (there is one on the other side too) and add a downspout into the barrel. The wood on the wall gets wet because that’s where most of the rain blows out of the downspout hole. Same way on the other side. I am going to paint the whole thing when I am done fixing rot. Except for the blocks, it can be redone when I ever get the house repainted.

LoL. I am also painting the pantry we built inside. And have a million other projects to work on. Maybe I just need to ask my parents to start planning one weekend a month to come over and help.



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