A Different Direction

It’s no secret that I design my blog myself. I love digital scrapbooking, so it is a welcome challenge. I also can’t afford to pay someone to do it for me. I have always said that I will if I ever decide to blog for a living.

I have also changed direction a few times, and maybe that makes it hard to gain readership. But it has taken me a while to really share everything that I love. Some things I just don’t like people to know (at first).

I started blogging on Blogger with a crafty theme in mind. Then one day realized I needed a better camera if I was going to take great quality photos of items I wanted to sale on Etsy. So the story of blogging about my pictures began. I started following all the other photo blogs and started following along in challenges and really opened up into photography. Which really took me out of a funk I had been in for years. And also took me away from crafting (for the time being).

I started baking a few years ago. And photographing it. Still photography. I loved it. I always take the extra food to work and they love it too. Then I got into digital scrapbooking when I wasn’t taking as many new pictures. So I was going into a whole other world but still sharing pictures that I had taken, years before even. Then I bought my house and started renovating it. This is where I decided to open up the focus on my blog into my whole DIY life. I have been sharing projects at many other blogs but have not gotten any comments in over a year. Don’t get much traffic at all actually. (I think I have made too many additions in too short of time.)

At some point I moved over to WordPress and started calling myself Sanukipity. I love my made up name, the mix of serendipity and Sanuk. But I have decided that it may appear weird to others without coming to my blog and looking into what it means. Today, I am going back to Lili’s View. This way it encompasses all of me. I can still use Sanukipity in my watermarks on my pictures. I am also trying to make my blog look more simplistic. Draw more focus to the photos I share. Tell me, could the header be less noisy?

I am glad you joined me today. I always love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Have a great day.

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Published by Lili

Single mom trying to find fun and happiness thru the lens.

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