Weekend Distractions No. 4

I decided to leave work early on Wednesday. It was warm out, but not as hot as it had been. I think I screwed in 20 pickets on the fence. So on Thursday at work I couldn’t figure out why my legs felt like I had been doing squats, with weights, and finally realized it was from going up and down and up on each picket. I guess there is something a little satisfying from feeling your work. LOL

The farmhouse look is all the craze these days, Fixer Upper really has spread the love of the look. I love the look myself. The more industrial side to it. The rustic and modern mix, yet with a clean and crisp side to it as well. I also love that it is easy to turn what you already have into farmhouse style.

I’m so in love with this mudroom that I wish I had a mudroom.


I am more of a shower girl, but like to take bathes sometimes. What I really don’t like, is that standard bathtubs are made for short people. There is always a part of you sticking out in the cold and makes it rather less enjoyable. Seeing what Kristi did in her bathroom almost makes me want to get this tub for my bathroom instead of refinishing the shower (and it looks deep enough).


I even love the “gate” hanging on the wall. I could totally go for that in my den over the sofa.

Signs. I have a spot in my kitchen for one and everything I need to make it (once I print out the letters that is), I just can’t decide on Market or Bakery or something else entirely.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.00.02 AM copy

These chairs, actually I love Liz’s whole kitchen. But if anyone knows how to get these chairs really cheap (like at least $50 each), I am all ears.




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