Saturday Distractions

I have tried to become more focused. I keep thinking I would love to blog full time and stop working my back breaking job. How much I would love that. To work on my little projects all the time. But I have been so tired lately. And distracted. I wasn’t ready to work on my front porch, but Lowe’s had the pavers on sale. Oh, and the wind. Keeps you from wanting to be outside, that’s for sure. In June, I vow to take a week off and finish all the little things in each room so I can start posting my completed renovations.

In the mean time, I thought I would share some of the things I am (crushing on) distracted with lately. Maybe I will make this my weekly Saturday post (clicking on the photo will take you to the rightful blog).

jj-countdown-day6-Numbered_stamped veneer 1I am not really an eclectic person, but this fairy garden is sooo cute. I want to put one together. I need to make a trip to Joann’s Fabric.

Beach Fairy Garden

jj-countdown-day6-Numbered_stamped veneer 2 I adore this storage ladder for the bathroom. I’m itching to make one. I would have to put it behind the toilet though, so it would have to be instead of shelves. Curse you small bathroom.

Love the look of this DIY ladder! Such a great way to add some extra storage! //

I do like the blanket ladders too. My luck, I would get splinters in the blankets. I would just have to do a better job at sanding than I usually do.

jj-countdown-day6-Numbered_stamped veneer 3Everything about this kitchen. I want to trim out my fridge and put moldings on the soffits, or fur down, now. I love the back splash too. I don’t want to do wood counter tops, as the island top is wood, but I am in love. I have been trying to figure out a way to reface my already refaced cabinets. Not sure how to remove the overlay, they didn’t put it on there good enough to just paint over. And the doors would have to be replaced.

jj-countdown-day6-Numbered_stamped veneer 4These shutters and old windows.

old windows as decor on mantle - Google Search: Fixer Upper: Yours, Mine, Ours and a Home on the River | HGTV's Fixer Upper With Chip and Joanna Gaines | HGTV: The Farmhouse - Farmhouse - Living Room - Other Metro - Magnolia Homes:

I have a set of shutters that I need to figure out how to add a rounded part to the top of. (The last two images were found on Houzz and are from Fixer Upper.)


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