New Home

It finally happened. I finally purchased my 4th house. It was a rough go.  


I have to apologize. All the pictures today are from my phone and unedited. First thing I wanted to do was scrape the popcorn ceilings and take out the carpet (it’s messy business).  

 As is. The day I got the keys.  

 This was after scraping the ceiling and taking out the carpet. Still need to take up the tacks.  

   At some point in its life, this room was a garage. They properly had it converted other than the door to the garage, which is just a bedroom door. That weird closet was only thin wood and pointless. I think she wanted to feel like she was in Florida because their were plant hooks all along that hideous wallpaper wall.  

   Closet, hooks and half the wallpaper are gone. Here’s the inspiration for this room… 

 Really just the board and batten wall is the inspiration. 

I am probably going to head over to Remodelaholic for advice. The laundry closet is in the hallway next to the master.  

 The washer and dryer came with the house but aren’t staying. I want to paint the space during the switch but wonder if hanging a cabinet when empty would be easier as well. I also hate the door. It’ll come down regardless. But the problem is, what to put there. I would love a barn door but it would hang out in the hall when all the way open for the dryer. 

At this I will leave you for the time being. I am so excited to continue sharing my journey of making this house my home with you. 


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