Goodbye 3340

I am using these photos straight from my phone so I hope they aren’t bad. As I finished cleaning out my house today I took some last photos. It was bittersweet. As I said before, I loved this house. I loved the open kitchen with lots of cupboard space.

20140527-174029-63629615.jpg This picture wasn’t today. I guess I missed it. But there it is anyway.

The laundry room wasn’t bad either. At least it wasn’t a closet. I would have liked a door in a different spot tho. My first (town)house had the washer in one spot and the dryer under the stairs across from it. In Austin, my cute little house had them in the garage.

20140527-174304-63784629.jpg This is what the space looked like after I put the cupboards up. Here is a before redo

20140527-174616-63976768.jpg I got organized after that too. Just in case the cupboards didn’t go up.

I loved the vaulted ceilings (see kitchen). The arched doorways. The fan I put in the living room and the wood floors my parents put in. And the closet space was awesome.



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