A Little Scared

Of course I have only looked at houses for a week, but I am a little worried. I showed you pictures of what my other house looked like. It is only 10 years old and I was the second owner. Still am technically. The first mortgage company I called said I couldn’t get another mortgage until my other house had been under contract for a year (really 12 payments had been made). Well that really put a damper on things. I already have to rely on my parents enough as it is, I didn’t want a co-signer on my 4th ever house. My heart fell a little. At that time I had also already walked through like 10 houses. 10 gross houses. I knew I was going to have to do some work on a house, with my price range, but I wasn’t prepared for what I saw in houses that were actually higher than my price range. And the smell in some of them. And these weren’t houses under 100k.

My brother and sister in law are in the midst of flipping a house. Maybe a little bigger than they should have started on their first house. It is taking them forever. I am worried for them too. A LOT of houses have gone up for sale on the street behind them. The street that literally backs up to the golf course. So yesterday we all went to look at this house. Only $57 a square foot. Considering all the other houses in this neighborhood, the neighborhood where I want to live so my son can walk to school, range around $100 a square foot. We had to go see why it was so low. Pro: the steeped, tiled roof right at the front. The closed-in sun room right at the front, with a great view of the mountains. There is no house across the street so you have a wide open view of Corrales and the mountains. That is where the pros stopped. The house would literally have to be gutted. The garage (where the board is on the left) was turned into an apartment, but never fully finished. Which was odd since it looked like it was done in the 70s. The pool in the backyard was only cinder block so easily could be filled in, and the porch looked like it was off of an old trailer park house. It had potential, if your budget wasn’t the price of the house. Some flipper needs to come in and gut it.

2712 PANORAMA HEIGHTS Drive SE Rio Rancho, NM, 87124      268 PEARL Drive NE Rio Rancho, NM, 87124   2593 Maricopa Drive Rio Rancho, NM, 87124

Then my brother tells me to be patient. Give myself 6 months. Right. I used a POD to store my belongings (except valuable and breakable) in and can’t afford that thing for more than 3 months. I don’t feel I need to be rescued, but I could use that man riding up on a white horse right about now (years ago really). This trying to do life alone is no fun.


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