Updated Bathroom

I cannot get a good picture of my redone bathroom. My Nikon won’t get a smaller picture and my iPhone pics are coming out grainy. Ick. Here is my bathroom before (but a little into the work).bathroomThe arrow above…see that corner now.bathroom2

With my parents’ help we got the beadboard and molding up with liquid nails and a few nails through the nail gun (the beadboard is also on the side of the cabinet). Then I put up new baseboard pieces behind the toilet. And look, that corner doesn’t look unfinsihed at all. I had never used caulk before this room and I think I ended up doing a good job. I finished painting the walls that lovely milk chocolate color and then painted all the wood in the room that off white color (same color in the kitchen). Added some hooks, the door and drawer pulls, and put jute on all the bottles. The towels are from Sam’s Club and ended up being the perfect color. Previously, I had also spray painted the ceiling vent because it was so rusted. All in all; since I bought this house, I have replaced the toilet, the mirror, the light fixture, the sink faucets and the door knob. I put in one of those curved shower curtain rods that keep the shower curtain from touching oneself while in the shower. I have painted it twice and now added the beadboard.


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